The online shop GmbH is your reliable partner for e-bikes, pedelecs and accessories. Here you will find everything about e-bikes, e-mountain bikes from renowned brands such as Trek and Focus, e-trekking bikes by Diamant, Kalkhoff, Trek and Focus as well as e-city bikes by Electra, Diamant and Kalkhoff. You will also find current cargo bikes from Triobike Johnny Loco with or without electric drive.

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when it comes to e-bikes, retrofit sets and accessories. In our assortment you will find spare parts such as batteries and displays, the matching brackets and cables in all lengths and last but not least, of course, the newest and best e-bikes that are currently on the market.

As supplier of the renowned TREK, Focus, Kalkhoff, Diamant, Electra, Triobike, Supernova, Bosch, Johnny Loco, Yamaha and BionX  with years of experience with e-bikes and bike conversions, we are happy to advise and help you to find the best bike for you. Of course we offer also accessories for e-bikes included Shimano, SRAM, Bosch, Yamaha, PanasonicImpulseBontrager and BionX and many other more. If you are not sure whether the accessories that you have chosen are also suitable for your bike, we can be reached by phone or e-mail. Our professionally trained staff will gladly advise you, if you would like to buy an e-bike or suitable accessories.

An e-bike changes your life!

Electrobikes and Pedelecs for women and men are now a tangable reality and it is not possible to imagine cities, off-road areas or even mountainbike-sports without them. With powerful motors such as the different Bosch motor like Performance Line, Active Line Plus and Performance Line CX and the Steps E8000, Steps E7000, Steps E6000 from Shimano or the new revised Impulse motor, introduced in many e-trekkingbikes from Kalkhoff , you can climb even the steepest mountain. The support from the engine relieves the strain on the knees and back and it's fun! It has also been proven that e-bike riders spend more time on the bike, thus relieving the burden on the environment.

E-Bike news 2018

With the new Citybikes Townie Commute GO! and Loft GO! Electra has succeeded in combining style, color and driving pleasure - and not just for women - many models are also available for the modern man. The limited edition Cafe Moto GO! - stands out visually and lets the driver experience in a casual look what it feels like to cruise on Highway No 1. Also the new e-bike Diamant Juna+ leaves nothing to be desired for classic city ride- just right for the city! The Juna Deluxe+ EBike with the durable Shimano Nexus 8 shift hub offers an up-grade in terms of features.

As trekkingbikes the new 2019 models from Focus, KalkhoffTrek and Diamant have already made a name for themselves in the e-bike scene. The powerful Impulse drive on the Kalkhoff Bikes ensures range and optimum trekking fun. With the proven Bosch Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX drives, as well as the powerful Shimano Steps engines in many Kalkhoff bikes, you can experience the incomparable fun on extended trekking tours. The TwoTone color desing gives your new Kalkhoff e-trekkingbike and e-citybike a visually subtle, tasteful contour.

Some of the new e-mountainbikes are the Powerfly models 2019 of the brand TREK. Available as a model for men and women, they are equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance CX drive, the fully integrated PowerTube battery with 500 Wh and the popular Purion or Intuvia display - a robust and versatile MTB with electric drive. The new lateral removable RIB system stands for successful integration, as the term R.I.B. - "Removable Intergrated Battery" illustrates. With the introduction of the 2018 E-MTB mode, which is specially tuned to the requirements of an E-MTB, both uphill and downhill and in a hilly cross-country topography, you are automatically always in the right set-up! Who would like to plan his tours with the electric bike with a navigation system, is well served with the Bosch-Navi und Fitnesstrainer Nyon . The ergonomically built-in Bosch mid-engine has really power!

The absolute worldwide novelty in the e-bike market came in 2017 with the Shimano Drive Steps E8000 in combination with the new e-mountainbike models from Focus: With its brand new models JAM², JAM² HT, (formerly BOLD²) and SAM² there are in terms of range no limits anymore. The shapely integrated Shimano battery powerfully supports you with 378 Wh. The absolute innovation: with the additional battery from the T.E.C. pack plugged on a total of 756 Wh is added and a range beyond the 100 km can be reached.

This proven combination in the  Focus E-MTBs will continue in model year 2019. The product range is streamlined by Focus and the naming gets more transparent. The bikes of the series 6.x are delivered with aluminum frames, the bikes of the series 9.x are equipped with high quality carbon frames. The number after the point as 6.7, 6.8, 6.9 or 9.6, 9.7. 9.9 reveals with increasing value also the higher-quality equipment with components.

Drifter 6.9 und 9.8 from the brand Focus

Learned from the moto-cross sector, there is now the Drifter for the perfect drift with 29 inch front wheel and 27.5 rear wheel. Equipped with the powerful Shimano Steps E8000, this new combination can be used to transport a true moto-cross feeling into the terrain. Join us in 2019 for this trend. The Focus Drifter e-mountain bikes are already available for the first ride in the spring of 2019!

Raven² – lightweight racing machine

Due to the success with the RAVEN², there will also be two new Raven² Cross Country Bikes from Focus in 2019. The classic XC racer Raven was electrified in 2018 with the Raven² . But that alone is not enough: With the FAZUA drive, the Raven breaks a new weight-sonic barrier. The bikes weigh under 14 kg, the drive can be removed and so the Raven² can be converted with a cover to the normal hardtail. Find out here about the two models Raven² 9.8 and Raven² 9.9!

Focus SAM² - rediscovering Enduro!

Another Innovation from the year 2018 from Focus, the brand new Focus SAM² was further developed in 2019. An enduro MTB with 170mm travel and the powerful Shimano Steps E8000 motor brings you in the uphill flow without ropeway on the mountain and makes its way down-hill on the trails. We have already tested the SAM² in the bike park and can only say one thing in terms of directional stability and agility: thumbs up and the grin will never leave your face! The SAM² are equipped with robust and tough-elastic aluminum frames and absolutely high-quality components. Your Sixpack 6.7 or 6.8 and 6.9 are ready for you in our warehouse!

PARALANE² - the electrified road-bike!

Focus and FAZUA are already a proven team and have now ventured on a development that has hit like a bomb: the first road bike with electric drive. Paralane² was developed from the proven bestseller Paralane godfather. Super light, super easy to use and even with the possibility to remove the drive unit with battery and drive a "normal" road bike - this is really an innovation!

Cargobikes are a big trend - from Triobike and Johnny Loco

In 2019, our range of products has expanded with the cargo bikes from TrioBike and Johnny Loco. The two-wheeler or tricycle for those who want to do, for example, purchases or the way to the kindergarten environmentally conscious and optionally with engine assistance. The matching accessories such as baby seats, benches or rain covers for the cargo bikes from Triobike can of course also be found in the online shop  The new and smart cargo bike by Johnny Loco in 5 trendy colors. So it's fun to transport children or even shopping!

The price-performance ratio of the offered trekking, city and mountain bikes is unbeatable, almost all bikes are available in various frame and wheel sizes (26 to 29 inches), battery levels (for example 400, 500 or even 756Wh), as fully or hardtail or enduro. Of course there are also the cargo bikes with and without electric drive and lots of accessories.

The Laurels 2018 are our incentive for 2019

Both Trek (Top 10 Seller) and Focus (Largest Worldwide Squared Performer) have honored us for the solid achievements in 2018. On the one hand this makes us proud because we offer very good products and very good service with passion and profession, on the other hand we would like to sincerely thank all our customers for their trust and their purchase last year. We promise you that we will continue to strengthen our customer focus in 2019 and offer you only the best wheels and accessories we have tested. That is what our name stands for-!


E-Bike accessories 2019

Of course, we at  offer the right accessories for all e-bikes and cargo bikes. Our range is constantly being expanded with special spare parts for example from ShimanoTrekYamahaPanasonicFAZUAFocusImpulse and many other renowned manufacturers, in order to offer you the widest possible selection. Accessories such as lighting setsbasketsbellslocks and water bottles make your bike complete. We from are happy to assist you with help and advice and of course we assemble all accessories at your request.

Supernova - lighting sets designed in Germany!

In 2019 the perfect lighting systems for your electric bike will come from Supernova. Small and compact, the innovative bicycle lighting can be easily mounted on almost any pedelec and gives you the right view of your e-bike adventures during the day and at night. Be safe on the road and choose the headlight and taillight from Supernova. We advise you in the choice of the right bicycle lighting! Even with the Supernova headlight Airstream you can equip your normal bike with the high-performance headlight and drive safely through night and fog. The new headlight line MINI with M2 MINI and M99 MINI radiates with a large light comparable to bigger models thanks to the patented mirror matrix  - engineering made in Germany!

Thule bike trailer and bike transporter

In addition to already proven products such as retrofit systems, e-bikes or electric bike accessories, Thule bike trailers and child seats are now available in our product range. The Multisport trailer Chariot are versatile: whether as a bicycle trailer, for cross-country skiing or running; Have your kid with you at every fun! All Thule Chariot trailers are also available as two-seater and can be ordered together with the appropriate accessories such as  Thule covers or baby seat shells at

SALE - Sale models, previous year models and reduced items!

In our category  SALE  you will find special promotional products, products from the previous year and "last pieces" items, such as e-mountainbikese-trekkingbikes und e-citybikes, that are only available in single sizes or models from the previous year's collection. The prices are massively reduced and of course all products are new and original packed!

Business bike leasing - the new trend in Germany!

As a partner of the three major leasing companies  BusinessBikeBikeLeasing and Jobrad we at are able to offer the service leasing for all German employees and self-employed persons. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right bike, filling in the applications and, of course, in service and selection of the right accessories. Use our leasing calculator or let us calculate your benefit easily. You can save up to 30% on the regular sales price by leasing - do not miss this opportunity!

Service is capitalized at!

As a professional contact point for e-bike enthusiasts, we support our customers as a highly motivated team with the best service and technical advice. Whether you are thinking of buying a new pedelec or looking for the right bike accessory - we are always happy to help!

All bikes are carefully mounted in our workshop in the 4 eyes principle, adjusted to your height and weight and then tested so that the bike is ready for you in a few simple steps: You put the handlebars straight and mount the pedals - ready! And of course, all bikes are delivered free of charge by freight carrier in a special e-bike carton!

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• retrofit systems from BionX

• e-bike components from Bosch

• e-bike batteries from BionX, Bosch, Impulse, E-Bike Vision and Yamaha

• e-bike components from Shimano

• e-bike components from Impulse

• e-Bike spare parts from Focus

• cargo bikes from TrioBike

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• e-bike lighting from Supernova, BionX and Bontrager

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• cycling clothing for women and men

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