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Better safe than sorry.

Wertgarantie offers bike insurance from as liitle as €5 per month.

Fallen off your trailbike and bent the derailleur hanger? Had a rock split the paint while it was on the back of your car? Did your car get stolen? No problem!

Take a closer look at the cover offered by Wertgarantie below. 

Calculate the cost of your cover now:

Damages caused by falls
Damages caused by accidents
Damages caused by improper handling
Water damage
Electical issues
Wear and tear after seventh month
Battery issues including wear and tear after 13 months
Issues with the drive
Wages and replacement parts
Theft of parts

Please note: You are required to use a good quality lock with a minimum value of €50.

What is included?


Cover of all repair costs

All costs that occur in order to resolve damages caused by falls, accidents, vandalism, wear and tear and improper handling. 



Cover for battery issues (for e-bikes)

All electrical issues, water damage, issues caused by improper handling as well as wear and tear. 

Gesetzliche Gewährleistung

Cover after offical warranty runs out

You are covered for as long as you are insured with Wertgarantie. This includes material and production errors after the offical warranty period.

Pick Up Service

Pick-up-Service (for e-bikes)

If you have any technical issues while you're out and about and can't finish your tour, Wertgarantie offers a pick-up service. They will take you back to the starting point of your tour. 


Theft cover

If your bike is stolen or you are robbed, Wertgarantie will supply you with a new bike of the same value. If only parts of your bike are stolen, they will cover the cost of replacement parts.

You already have contents insurance?

If your bike is already covered by your contents insurance, great! However, double check that it really offers the cover you need. Most content insurances do not cover wear and tear or theft whilst away from home.

Please see below for further information:

Allgemeine Versicherungsbedingungen - PDF

Informationsblatt zur Versicherung - PDF

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on +49 (0)8033 9789020 oder +43 (0)5372 63547. If you prefer to send an e-mail please use info@e-bikes4you.com.