Get your bike professionally fitted - by us!

The experience and know how of a professional bike fitter will never be replaced by computers or electronics. Our bike fitters have a flair for what works for you as a cusotmer and use latest technology as help in a traditional bike fitting to make sure you get the best all round experience.

A good bike fitting is what makes your ride awesome - not expensive carbon features!

The importance of professional bike fitters is growing and we are proud to have a whole team of experienced friendly fitters who are mad about cycling themselves. We get such great reviews from our customers and wanted to share a very special comment with you:

"Thanks to your fitting skill, I'm riding pain free for the first time in 10 years. My back felt so good during the 4-hour road ride that I cycled on for another hour - I could hardly believe it."

That's what we call success and service for you.

The bike fitting can be applied to all types of bikes: road bike, mountain bike, e-bike etc.

If you would like a professional bike fitting with your bike please make an appointment by sending an e-mail to or by phoneing +49 8033 978 9020

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