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Retül Bike Fit


Just because you got a new bike, doesn't mean that it's set up right. We're here to help and offer bike fitting using the latest technology. Our staff are experienced and have the necessary know-how to get you comfortable, efficient and can set up your bike to increase your performance. Bike fitting is not only for professionals, but also for ambitious hobby athletes or beginners.

Who is it for?

If you ride for several hours, have pain while cycling or want to increase your performance, you should think about a professional bike fitting. Incorrect bike setup or cleat position can cause health problems and affect your efficiency.

If you experience pain while cycling such as numbness in the buttocks, hands falling asleep, back pain or similar complaints, you should definitely let us adjust your bike. Pain is not part of cycling. Often, corrections to saddle height, seat length and cleat position can lead to a reduction in discomfort.

In addition, there are a lot of ergonomic accessories which we'll discuss as part of your fitting. 


Retül Bike Fitting calculates your ideal riding position using the latest technology.


Our staff love riding themselves and understand the importance of the perfect set up.

Why should I have my bike fitted?

Bike Fitting means that your bike and all its components are perfectly adjusted to your individual body dimensions. Your strength, cycling style and training goals are taken into account, as well as any health conditions. The correct position on the bike is crucial to prevent overuse injuries.

With a professional bike fitting, you'll be as comfortable, healthy and efficient as possible and have more fun!

What is Retül Bike Fitting?

The high-end bike fitting technology Retül was developed by Specialized and is used in our Kufstein shop.

Using the latest technology, 3D measurements and tracking software, relevant movements of the joints are recorded, graphically displayed and analysed. You'll be able to take part in Zwift races during your Retül Bike Fitting session and we'll determine your perfect set up step by step along the way. We'll discuss the data with you and you'll receive a printed out or digital version to take home. This way you'll be able to keep checking your set up yourself. We'll set up all touchpoints according to the analysis: grips, handlebars, saddle, cleats etc. We'll check the set up while you're having another go at a Zwift race and adjust if neccessary until we've found your ideal set up. 

When fitting a mountainbike we'll also check the set up of your suspension.


We'll take exact measurements of your body during a Retül Bike Fitting session.

How does a Retül Bike Fitting appointment work?


First, a personal interview is conducted to take stock of the situation. Your training goals, previous injuries and pain while cycling are determined.


LED markers are then applied to the anatomically relevant parts of the body. The Retül Vantage 3D Motion Capture System records the biomechanical and anatomical motion sequence during pedalling with 18 images per second in real time. This data is electronically processed and analysed with the help of software.


Your bike is adjusted based on this dynamic real-time data and we define your perfect riding position.


Finally, a digital image of the final bike setup is captured using the Retül Zin tool. With your consent, your data will be stored in accordance with data protection guidelines so that we can access it at a later date.


All contact points with the bike are being adjusted according to the data collected.

What do I need to bring to the fitting?

Please bring your bike, cycling clothes and cycling shoes. We want you to ride as naturally as possible during the fitting, so that all adjustments made will also be ideal outside the test environment.

How much does a Bike Fitting cost at Inn-Bike?

We offer Bike Fitting for all used and new bikes, regardless of brand and bike type and regardless of whether the bike was purchased from us or not.

Please be aware that Retül Bike Fitting is only available in our Kufstein shop. 

We have two different Bike Fitting packages on offer:

- Bike Fitting approx. 45 min €99

- Retül Bike Fitting approx. 2-3 hours €299


At the end of the session you'll be able to take all measurements home with you.

Feel free to contact us for an appointment or more information.