How to maintain your e-bike properly

To make sure you enjoy your e-bike for as long as possible, you should follow a few simple care tips:

Please do not use the classic high-pressure cleaner for cleaning as for the car. The high pressure flushes the grease out of the bearing and allows water to enter the suspension system. In electric bikes, the engine and the battery are a particular source of danger. Although the system is well sealed, high pressure can cause water leaks and electronics problems.

Therefore use for cleaning:

  • a bucket of lukewarm water
  • a brush or sponge
  • a small brush or toothbrush for the interstices
  • a suitable chain cleaner and some cleaning agent for the frame
  • a cloth for drying
Reinigung E-Bike

Before you start cleaning, remove the battery from the wheel and remove the display if possible.

If you have a garden hose available, wash the coarse dirt from the wheel with little pressure. Now spray the wheel with a suitable wheel cleaner and allow the active ingredient to work according to the manufacturer's instructions (usually between 2 and 5 minutes). If the first coarse dirt has softened, wash the frame with a soft brush and a sponge. The chain and sprocket are then brushed with a special chain cleaner.

Now wash the dirt off the wheel with clear water.

Then dry the frame and all attachments with a clean cloth.

The contacts for the battery and the display should always be kept as dry as possible and possibly cleaned with a drop of oil.

With a suitable chain oil you can now oil the chain. Please note in particular that you lubricate the inside of the chain and that the lubricant does not get onto the rear brake disc.

Oil on the brake usually means the total failure of the braking power.

The seals of the fork and damper are also happy about some care. These can also be cleaned and lubricated with a drop of fork oil.

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