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How to: caring for your (e-)bike


This is how you do it right

By properly caring for your bike and e-bike, you can avoid unnecessary repairs, lengthen the lifespan of your components and ensure that your bike is always providing you with the best performance possible.

Top tip: Do not use power washers on your bike.

The high pressure will flush the grease out of your bearings and water could penetrate the suspension system. Although the motor and battery of your e-bike are well sealed, high pressure can allow water to enter and cause electrical problems.

To clean your bike, you will need:


a bucket of warm water or garden hose

a soft brush or a sponge 
a small brush or a toothbrush
a chain cleaner and some detergent for the frame
a cotton cloth

Before you start cleaning, please remove the battery from you e-bike and, if possible, take off the display. Always keep the battery and display contacts as dry as possible and if necessary, clean them with a drop of oil.

If you have a garden hose, rise you bike using low pressure. Now spray your bike with a suitable wheel cleaner and allow the active ingredient to take effect according to the manufacturer's instructions (usually between 2 and 5 minutes). Once the dirt has softened, wash the frame with a soft brush and sponge. The chain and sprocket are then treated with a special chain cleaner and cleaned using the smaller brush.

Now use clean water to rinse off your bike.

Dry the frame and all components with a clean cloth.

Now lubricate the chain with a suitable chain oil. Please ensure that no oil gets onto the rear break pads or break disks as this can lead to a total loss of braking power.

You can occassionally lubricate the rubber seals on your fork and shock with a drop of fork oil.