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Bontrager: Upgrade the Way You Cycle!

Manufacturer Bontrager

We are proud to be an authorized distributor of a trusted bicycle essentials brand of riders worldwide—the Bontrager.

Bontrager is a line of premium bike must-haves that are designed to change not only how your bike looks, but also how it works. They offer the best designs in bike components, quality accessories and apparel that will gear you up for the best ride of your life.

Mountain, road or triathlon--there is no limit to the Bontrager. They manufacture products with your maximum satisfaction in tow. They use the best materials that are up to par with the standards and your personal preference: aluminum for sturdy bike ride or carbon for that lightweight and comfortable cycling.

Keith Bontrager built the Bontrager brand that pioneered the innovative manufacturing of modern mountain bikes in the 1980. His creativity and knowledge of bike dynamics from his education and earlier stint as a motorcycle rider has given him a distinctive brand identity.

In 1992, Bontrager Cycles transformed into a limited production facility from its humble beginning as a one-man shop. They manufactured bikes that are split into two categories: the high-end mountain bike frames made in Santa Cruz and the entry-level frame called the Privateer made in Trek’s plant in Wisconsin.

Keith is now a powerhouse in product development at Trek Bikes, becoming a living legend in the world of cycling. His designs have a paved a way for the Bontrager products to be availed by well-known names, such as the US Postal, Discovery Channel, and Trek VW team, and athletes like Normann Stadler, Chris Lieto and Julie Dibens to enumerate a few.

This is why we want to offer you the Bontrager selection at your convenience for the city, on the trail or at your after work session. We can guarantee that they provide components, accessories and apparel that not only excel in design but also in functionality. We sell the latest products from their line that ensures your safety and greatest cycling experience.

Bontrager Shoes


Ensure the maximum capability of your bike with Bontrager components, injecting a balanced dose of science and art in the design and manufacture of the products. Bontrager is unparalleled as a leading bike components maker für mtb and racing. They offer products that are made to fit your specification.

The Bontrager components include tires and wheels, saddles, handlebars, seatposts, stems and brake levers, and a whole lot of other excellent parts that you can use to upgrade your bike. See the full list here


Be at ease with Bontrager equipment that provide quality and security for both the rider and the road or mtb bicylce. Bike faster and reach greater distances with premium accessories and racing series designed to improve your cycle.

Bontrager has cycling and handlebar accessories to provide you with the most functionality such as the bike day light and GPS to give you that worry-free bike ride. They also have helmets, bike pumps, water bottles, bags and bike locks that make you safe and self-reliant by meeting the challenges of riding. Check out the complete list of accessories

Bontrager Bekleidung


Ride in style and outstanding comfort with Bontrager apparel that are made to perfectly fit any rider. This easy-to-wear clothing is set to fuel the excitement and anticipation of that long-distance ride ahead.

Choose from a wide selection of cycling wear from top to bottom—jerseys, shorts and bibs, cycling shoes, gloves, socks, shirts, women´s series and many more. Their apparel ensures maximum comfort with top quality materials bring style to your cycle.

If you want to change the way you cycle, upgrade your bike and choose from the Bontrager brand. Their products are designed by bikers, for bikers. You can trust that they have the parts that are exactly what you need, whenever you need it.