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When it comes to e-bikes, conversion or retrofit sets and accessories, e.g. Helmets, spare parts such as battery and display or wheel clothing for women and men.
As a supplier of renowned brands such as TREK, Raleigh, Kalkhoff, Focus, Diamond, Electra, Bontrager, Supernova, Bosch and BionX with many years of experience with e-bikes and conversions for bicycles we will be happy to advise you and help you make the best bike for you to find. Of course, we also offer accessories for EBikes from Shimano, SRAM, Schwalbe, Bontrager and BionX. If you are not sure whether the accessories you have chosen fit your bike, we can be reached by phone or e-mail. Our technically well-trained staff will be glad to advise you if you want to buy an e-bike or other accessories.

Shipping is free from 500 €!

The e-bike changes your life!

Electric bicycles and pedelecs for women and men are in the trend and can not be missed from the city, the terrain and also from the mountain bike sport. With powerful drives with batteries, e.g. From Bosch or Bionx, even the steepest mountain can be climbed, the support of the engine benefits the knees and the back and increases the joy of driving.
The conversion kits from Bionx are built into a bike for almost everyone, so you do not have to do without your favorite bike, but you can turn it into a pedelec without much effort. If you do not wish to undertake the modification ourselves, we offer a conversion service for retrofit sets with free return shipping!

Individual and of the best quality are also our retrofitted Mountainbikes from Trek with BionX drive. The 555 Wh rechargeable battery from BionX fits perfectly into the frame and supports you forcefully and harmoniously up to 25 or 45 km / h. So you benefit twice from the quality and the unique driving characteristics of a treadmill on the one hand and the unbeatable power of the BionX retrofit kit on the other hand. The usual advantages such as energy recovery downhill, first-class range and practical sliding aid included. The Trek Mountainbikes with BionX drive and the ebikes from Wheeler can be found here.

E-bike news 2017

With the new Citybikes Townie Commute Go! And Loft GO! Electra has succeeded in combining style, color and driving pleasure - not only for ladies, but also for the modern man. As the big brother of the proven Townie GO! The new models with 28 "tires and load carriers at the front and rear are an absolute must for the E-City bikes. But also the new electric bike Diamant Juna + leaves nothing to be desired for the classic city tour - just right for the city! The Juna Deluxe + EBike with the long-lasting Shimano Nexus 8 hub has an UpGrade in terms of equipment.

As trekking bikes, the new models from Focus, Raleigh, Diamant and Univega have already made a name for themselves in the e-bike scene. The powerful impulse drive provides range and optimum trekking fun. Also with the tried and tested Bosch Active and Performance Line drives you can experience the unimagined driving pleasure on extended trekking tours completely new.

The current E-Mountainbike is the new Powerfly of the brand TREK. Available as a model for women and men, it is equipped with powerful Bosch Performance CX drive, batteries of various designs with 400wh or 500 Wh, and, in addition to the usual Intuvia display, also equipped with the new Purion and a robust and versatile Mtb with electric drive. If you would like to plan your tours with the electric bike with a navigation system, the Bosch Navi and Fitnesstrainer Nyon is best served. The ergonomically built Bosch center motor has a real power! At the moment, Bosch is now also able to connect two batteries together, then 800 or 1000 Wh battery power is available.

The absolute world novelty in the e-bike market is definitely coming from Focus in 2017: With its brandnew models JAM² and BOLD², there are no limits in terms of reach. The Shimano E 8000 drive, which is integrated within the frame, supports you powerfully up to 25 km / h with 378 Wh. The absolute innovation: the additional battery T.E.C. Pack, you will drive your e-bike colleagues with a total of 756 Wh of it and reach ranges beyond the 100 km.

Innovations 2017

Also new in the assortment: the load wheels from TrioBike. The tricycle for all those who want to do shopping or the way to kindergardens environmentally conscious and optionally with motor support of BionX. You can find suitable accessories, such as baby shells or raincoats for Triobike bikes, here.

The price - performance ratio of the offered trekking, city and mountain bikes is unbeatable, almost all bikes are available in various frame and impeller sizes (27.5 to 29 inches), battery strings (eg 400, 500, even 756Wh), as fully or Hardtail available.
All bikes are adjusted to your body size and weight, pre-assembled and trial driven so that the bike is ready for you with just a few hands. And, of course, all bikes are delivered free of charge by forwarding agency!

E-Bike accessories 2017

In addition to the already tried and tested products such as Bontrager, SRAM or Ebike accessories, Thule bicycle trailers and child seats are now available. The multi-sport trailers Chariot are versatile: whether as a bicycle trailer, for cross-country skiing or running; Have your child with every fun! All Thule chariot trailers are also available as two-seaters and can be ordered together with the appropriate accessories such as Thule cover or baby seat shell from us.

The perfect lighting for your electric bike comes from Supernova in 2017. Small and compact, the innovative bicycle lighting can be mounted almost anywhere on almost every pedelec and gives you the right view through your e-bike adventures by day and also by night. Be on the go and opt for the front lights and rear lights from Supernova. We are happy to advise you on the right bicycle lighting!

As a professional point of contact for e-bike enthusiasts, we support our customers as a highly motivated team with the best service and technical advice. Whether you are thinking of buying a new pedelec or looking for the right bicycle accessories, we will be glad to advise you at any time!

In our online shop ebikes4you.com you will find the following items including accessories:

• E-Mountainbikes made from Trek, Focus, Univega and BionX

• E-Trekkingbikes made from Raleigh, Diamant, Focus and Univega

• E-Citybikes made from Electra and Diamant

• Retrofit Systems von BionX

• E-Bike Components von Bosch

• E-Bike Batteries made from BionX, Bosch, Impulse and Yamaha

• E-Bike Components made from Shimano

• E-Bike Components made from Impulse

• Cargobikes made from TrioBike

• Bicycle trailer and accessories made from Thule

• E-Bike lighting made from Supernova

• E-Bike accessories

• Cycling clothing for ladies and gentlemen