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Diamond E-Trekking Bikes: "Bikes to fall in love"

We are proud to present a series of special trekking bikes produced by a world-leading bicycle manufacturer with over 130 years of history. We are an authorized distributor of diamond, a brand that impresses our customers with their innovative and unique design.

Diamond is always one step ahead of the competition because its bikes are built with experienced hands who know the art of bicycle manufacture.

The History of the Success Diamond:

Friedrich and Wilhelm Nevoigt, two like-minded brothers who had a passion for craft machines, produced boards for knitting machines before they started producing bicycles. The first bike of diamond rolled off the band already 1895. But the development continues, and soon it is possible for the brothers to develop and sell better components for their bicycles and bring them to the market.

In Europe, more and more bike contests were held, and soon Diamond produced racing bikes for their own team. In 1921, Adolf Huschke's diamond team dominated European cycling. Their light bikes sent the German team to the gold podium at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Diamond has introduced some remarkable innovations over the years. The double-roller chains used today in modern bicycles are based on the design of the Nevoigt brothers in 1898. They also developed the first women-specified bicycle (1924), and special vans (1934) with large adjustable luggage rack over the front wheel.

Diamond was taken over by the Trek Bicycle Corporation in 2002 and is now continuing the success story in the form of a state-of-the-art company.

All diamond e-bikes, which offers in the Onlineshop, are equipped with the best drive systems from Bosch. The ActiveLine mid-engine provides a low center of gravity and comfortable pedaling, the PowerPack rechargeable batteries installed either in the frame or on the luggage carrier have either 300, 400 or 500 Wh power. Bosch PowerPack batteries are known for longevity and efficiency. Depending on the model, the control unit can be either the classic Bosch Intuvia display with control unit or the sporty Bosch Purion Display. In the e-bike sector, Bosch is the leading manufacturer of perfectly matched components using the latest technologies.

Also since the 2018 model year, there are not only EBikes that support up to 25 km / h, but the new E-Commuter Zouma S also offers bikes that offer support up to 45 km / h. This is why diamond commuters and drivers want to appeal to urban areas. The diamond sport e-bikes take on any challenge, no matter how big the distance is. Diamond bikes are made for everyday use, comfort and ease of use are at the forefront, a stylish design and appealing colors complete the large product range. The right wheel is included for every application and taste.

Diamond e-bikes are equipped with high-quality components and components from renowned manufacturers such as Magura, Bontrager and Shimano.

These current trekking bikes from Diamant can be found in the online shop

Likewise, you will find in our online shop a variety of accessories for your wonderful diamond bike:

E-bike baskets

E-Bike bells

E-Bike luggage carrier bags

E-bike locks and plug-in chains

E-bike bottles and bottle holders

The expert team at will be happy to advise you of the right accessories for your diamond E-Trekking bike.

Unpack and start.

Our wheels are carefully assembled, adjusted and then tested for you in our master workshop. Delivered by forwarding agency in a special e-bike carton. For you, the bike is ready to ride with just a few hands - you place the handlebars straight and assemble the pedals - done!

Do you want to find a bike but you want to change something on the components or have any accessories such as light, stand, bottle holder, dirt trap, bell etc. installed? No problem. Just contact us by phone at +49 8033 978 9020 or mail at - we will be happy to advise you.