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YAMAHA (Haibike) Rahmenakku 36 V / 500WH

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YAMAHA (Haibike) frame battery 36 V / 500WH X94-8212A-20/21

The pedal support of a pedelec like the Haibike E-bike has a prominent guard, it is covered by the drive energy in the battery.

The YAMAHA (Haibike) frame battery 36 V / 500WH is suitable for frame mounting.

The Yamaha battery 500 Wh - the best friend when your forces subside

This Yamaha battery gives your bike 400 Wh for your Yamaha mid-engine PW or PW-X with 36 Volts operating voltage.

If your pedelec or e-bike is equipped with a Yamaha PW or PW-X drive, you can simply plug the bottom battery into the bike.

It fits as unobtrusively as possible into the structure of your bike, because it is slim and shaped with no sharp edges, so it can not be injured in the event of unintentional streaking while driving.

Four LEDs on the battery show its state of charge, which you can push you home by charging it with the mains power. It supports you while you are pedaling. The lithium-ion battery weighs just under 2.9 kilos and is secured with a key mechanism at the narrow end of its holder against falling out or theft.

A special feature is its integrated protection against harsh vibrations, as they can occur again and again in cycling. Yamaha guarantees a life of two years with 700 charges for its 36 volt 500 Wh battery.

Useful life of a charged battery on the pedelec

How far you get with a load depends on the course condition (flat or hilly) and the total weight of the bike and the driver, as well as the selected level of support.

With high support, a fully charged battery would provide 70 km of power to support pedaling activity; if you are in a flat area, the range nearly doubles to 130 km. The control unit on the handlebar shows in ten stages, how much energy you currently have left in the battery.

Of course, you still come home with an empty battery, because without additional work through the Yamaha mid-engine, the Yamaha e-bike still drives by pure pedal as any normal bike. A flat tire would be worse. With the 240V charger connected, the battery should be fully charged in three and a half hours while powered by the Yamaha charger's 42 volts in 1.3 amps. If you are in a hurry, after 1.5 hours of charging you will have regained 70 percent of your charge and you can start.

Can be charged when installed, but not in freezing conditions

Practically, the Yamaha battery does not need to be removed to be charged. This can be done directly on the e-bike, for example with a charger in the garage. But make sure that lithium-ion batteries do not charge at freezing temperatures, but then switch to standby. In this case, it is better to take the battery out to the house to charge it. The ideal temperature range for charging is between 15 and 25 degrees.

The Yamaha frame batteries for downtube mounting are suitable for the following brands:

  • Haibike
  • Winora
  • Batavus
  • in all models powered by Yamaha PW und PW-X drive

Compatibility Yamaha 400 Wh Accu:

  • All Yamaha E-Bikes from 2014 also compatibel with the new Yamaha E-Bike battery 400 Wh
  • You can use the same charger for both models

Do not hesitate to ask by phone +49 8033 978 9020 or e.mail  info@e-bikes4you.com 

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power supply: 500 Wh / 13,8 Ah/

Type: Li-Ion / 36V / original Yamaha

Weight: 3,5 kg

Article number: X94-8212A-20 / X0S-8212A-21

color:  black matte

Range: up to 130 km 

Special properties:

  • powerful 
  • fine designed and produced 
  • cells last very long
  • 2 years warranty


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