e-bikes4you.com GmbH introduces itself:

Kufstein - e-bikes4you.com

Discovery, passion and attention to detail - the success story of E-bikes4you takes its course and inspires a lot of satisfied customers every year!

The company philosophy of the founder Hans-Peter Gratt seems so simple: Create a platform for the distribution of e-bikes and at the same time to offer the customers excellent service and quality.
Hans-Peter Gratt, a young entrepreneur, has acquired the technical know-how as a bicycle dealer at his INN-BIKE shop in the small fortified town of Kufstein, where he has been specializing in e-bikes and retrofitting normal wheels.

For your health and our environment - e-mobility improves our quality of life and protects nature!

With a lot of energy and spirit, Hans-Peter has already brought the experiance from his successful cycling career and the graduation of the high technical school for electrical engineering. In consequence, he was estabishing the INN-BIKE bicycle shop and finally 2012 of the online shop E-bikes4you.

In 2007 the first BionX retrofit system were imported from Canada, a continuously growing company established itself in the online trade of electric bicycles.
Only satisfied customers are good customers, so we attach great importance to a fast shipping and a well maintained online shop. We spend a lot of time visiting the world's biggest trade fairs and testing the e-bikes of various manufacturers. In this way, we can always offer our customers the best and most up-to-date products and also expand our personal know-how.

As a professional partner for e-bike enthusiasts, we support our customers as a highly motivated team with the best service and technical advice. Whether you want to convert your normal bike to an e-bike or play with the idea of buying a new pedelec - we will be happy to advise you at any time!