Trek Powerfly LT 8 Model 2017

In August 2016, we had already received the first deliveries of Trek's Powerfly from 2017, and thus the opportunity to put the sportiness and performance of the battery to the test in a big round.

Our round begins and ends in Mals in the Vinschgau Valley and leads us through the Sesvenna hut and Uina Gorge through the Unterengadin with a total of 86km and 2600hm through beautiful valleys and mountains.

The Powerfly LT 8 with the under-floor protection made of sturdy metal, the knock block and the new equipment elements we want to examine more closely. We stored a second battery in the backpack and hope that 2 batteries will be enough on the Ochsentour.

I feel good when I sit down. The wheel can be quickly adjusted to a comfortable sitting position with multi-tool and quick-release clamps. Despite the eternal back problems, I find the sporty but upright position pleasant and I will not get back pain during the whole tour. The Intuvia display from Bosch shows me the necessary data and I can operate the motor comfortably from the handle via the controller and control the stages of the support.

The motor is evenly distributed and the five strokes on the battery remain a long time. From afar I see the waterfall and now comes the first rehearsal. With up to 25% gradient and loose gravel as a subsoil, the pulse increases and the long distance to the hut I let myself partly also with all the power of the motor drift. In turbo mode the battery power also drops rapidly. At the top of the hut, the Intuvia shows me only 3 strokes and we still have 60km before us. Reach the 2 batteries ???

The next high level with blockages and water passages to pedal height maneuveriert the Powerfly impeccably, the 150mm spring distance I need however not. The Knock-Block, which blocks the breaking of the front fork gives a good feeling, does not restrict itself with tight curves at all. This was my first fear, but the turning circle remains so tight that I can not strike the knock block while I sit on the wheel. Also the water passages do not matter to the encapsulated engine. There are no effects on electronics.

The sliding passage through the Uina canyon reveals that the pushing aid from Bosch has been overhauled and the delicate passages go without jerky jerks of the drive.

The up and down of the coming tens of kilometers to the battery and he remains for a long time also to a line up to km 49 and 1784Höhenmetern the furnace is completely off. Now I'm sure: With the two batteries, you can create this with economical driving!

Now let's see what the downhill runs allow or rather do not allow. The first steep trail compels me to respect, especially since the weight of over 23kg triggers a gravitational thrust. The Shimano brakes can also be dosed precisely on the pine needles on the forest floor, and with the higher weight of the wheel, one can also pack a little more firmly than with a normal fully without a motor. In the case of counter-passages, the engine immediately takes off without any annoying twitching on the rear wheel, which also conveys a good sense of safety.

With the Drops we now also use the spring travel. The wheel is light-weight and the low center of gravity is usually perfectly clean on the track and remains master of the wheel, not vice versa.


Conclusion: The Trek Powerfly LT 8 is powerful and handy, delivers a lot of power when necessary, and the extensive spring trail invites you to go surfing. Brake performance is very convincing and well dosed. For me a clear purchase recommendation, whether the Fully must be left to everyone ...

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