Tailored Energy Concept (T.E.C. pack)

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Tailored Energy Concept (T.E.C. pack) additional battery for FOCUS Jam², Jam² HT, Bold² and Sam²

Whether you enrich your climbing skills on the home trails with more up-flow or sweaty, but conquer the mountains with a big smile -

With the Focus additional battery TAILORED ENERGY CONCEPT (T.E.C.) you can choose the battery equipment that suits your needs. The individual energy concept offers you customizable capacity of up to 756 Wh. This way, the Focus additional battery in combination with the integrated Focus battery outperforms any idea of power and range.

  • Tailored battery concept
  • Maximum capacity of 756 Wh (integrated Focus battery and Focus additional battery)
  • Reliable, protected battery concept
  • Ideal handling
  • Low weight
  • Low center of gravity
  • For use with the FOCUS Jam², Jam² HT, Bold² or FOCUS Sam²

The T.E.C. pack, as additional battery for Focus, is easy and flexible to assemble. The Bone Rail, with which you can focus your additional battery T.E.C. clipped pack, is simply in advance with two screws supplied attached to the down tube. A cable connects the Focus additional battery (T.E.C. pack) with the contact in the top tube and thus guarantees quick and easy additional energy supply through the robust additional battery.

Additional use:

Another option is to use the Focus Smart Rack. You mount your bottle holder to your Smart Rack and then with one click between the bottle and T.E.C. change pack. The basis for using your Smart Racks is the previously installed Bone Rail. With the built-in smart rack, you can use additional equipment such as take a spare hose.

items: T.E.C.pack Energy Concept/ spare battery Focus Jam², Bold², Jam² HT, Sam², 

manufacturer: Focus

tension: 36V

capacity: 10,5 Ah

battery performance: 378 Wh

battery technology: Li-Ion

Special features:
  • Total power with main battery is 756 Wh
  • additional bottle holder / replacement hose option is included
  • Additional battery, range extender
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