Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h

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Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h |
Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h | Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h | Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h | Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h | Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h | Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h |

Spezifikation Supernova M99 PRO Frontscheinwerfer für E-Bikes bis 45km/h

Der M99 PRO brilliert mit seinem 1.600 Lumen starken Fernlicht und Abblendlicht. Das Tagfahrlicht sorgt für gleichberechtigte Sicherheit im Straßenverkehr. Die Elektronik kann unter anderem mit modernen E-Bikes kommunizieren. Auch ohne Softwareanbindung steuern die integrierten Sensoren den Scheinwerfer intelligent, so dass er an allen gängigen E-Bike Systemen funktioniert.





KompatibilitätBosch, Brose u. v. a. Antriebe (siehe Tabelle unten)

Fernlicht1600 Lumen, 380 Lux

Abblendlicht1100 Lumen, 310 Lux

Leistung Fernlicht32 W

Leistung Abblendlicht8 - 16 W

Leuchtmittel9 Automotive LEDs

MontagemöglichkeitenVorbau (ø 31.8 mm), M99 Bosch HBM (ø 25.4 / 31.8 mm), Handlebar Universal HBM (ø 31.8 / 35 mm)

Versorgungsspannung24 - 60 V DC (75 V max.)

Leistung16 W - 30 W

Farbeschwarz poliert, eloxiertes Aluminium

Abmessung L x B x H67 mm x 87 mm x 57,5 mm

Gewicht220 g

OptikM99 Matrix Reflektor

FunktionenFernlicht, Abblendlicht, Tagfahrlicht, optional: ECO mode, adaptives Licht

Kommunikationautomotive CAN, CANopen, 3 x digital input


  • Supernova M99 Pro Scheinwerfer
  • universelles Anschlusskabel

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Sonstige Informationen
  • Fernlichtschalter für Magura MT Bremsen oder für separate Installation am Lenker
  • 12 V Rücklichtanschluss (optionales Kabel wird benötigt)


3 Jahre

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Supernova M99 PRO for S-pedelecs up to 45km / h with road approval and main beam

The ultimate solution of the M99 series with 1600 lumens in high beam mode and approved according to the ECE standard.

With its special light signature, the daytime running light of the M99 headlights is a basic problem of the S-pedelecs: the loose pedaling driver is often perceived as a slow traffic and is thus repeatedly in dangerous situations. The very distinctive and widely recognizable glistening light arcs of the M99 headlights leave no doubt that a fast driver is approaching.

The M99 PRO system is the first e-bike headlight to offer real high beam with full illumination above the glare horizon, just like a car headlight. Competitors already like to call a simple advanced dipped beam as "high beam". When optimally adjusted, real high beam is extremely wide and illuminates the entire environment. This gives the driver plenty of room for maneuver and increases the safety during fast driving enormously. E-mountain bikes and fast e-bikes boom. The new M99 PRO headlamp is optimally designed for this area. The extremely bright main light can also be used to cope with the most difficult terrain. On the way to the trail, the dipped beam does not dazzle drivers or other road users. On rough terrain you can drive as fast as the day by switching on the high beam. High beam brings more light and fun to exactly the right place.

The very efficient daytime running light with only 4.5W consumption is always in operation, according to the statutory regulations valid from 2016 on when the S-pedelec (L-Class) is operating. An ambient light sensor automatically switches at dusk or in seconds at the entrance to an underpass on low beam. You do not need to worry any more and always have the right lighting for every environment.

Special properties

The Intelligent Brake Buffer software (IBB) ensures that even in ECO-Mode slowly ridden switchbacks or difficult sections are illuminated with the full intensity of the low beam for up to 10 seconds. At traffic lights or during longer breaks, the IBB software recognizes the situation and switches to ECO-Mode. As soon as you increase the speed the light automatically gets brighter.

M99 Matrix Mirror


In the M99 headlight are 99 individually calculated mirror surfaces with concave and convex facets, which together with 9 intelligently controllable automatic LEDs ensure an optimal illumination result. This is innovation and technology at the highest level!

Cold calculated

The record brightness values of the M99 system can only be achieved by the complex cooling of the high-performance automotive LED matrix. Supernova has over 10 years of experience with LED spotlights, which is fully utilized here. The electronics and the housing have been optimized by careful material selection and computer-intensive thermal stimulation so that the LEDs can work with the best possible efficiency. The housing, which is seamless manufactured from a single piece of aluminum, has a completely uninterrupted heat dissipation and is patent-pending. The especially shaped cooling rib structure is designed to transport heat from the LEDs through a reinforced chimney effect. In extreme situations, an integrated thermal sensor with a patent-pending control method always keeps the headlamp in the optimum temperature range.

Communication on the usual channels

The electronics can, among other things, communicate with modern e-bikes via the CAN or CANopen interface. The integrated sensors also intelligently control the headlight without the need for software integration, so that it can work with the popular e-bike systems.

Individual holder and cable

Every drive, whether Bosch, Brose, Shimano has its own connection. Each bike has its own possibilities to provide the lamp. Please do not forget to always keep the bracket and the adapter cable together! You have the choice. Are not you sure? Please contact us! We are happy to help! The cable with 1070mm length is included!

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