Shimano STePS SW-E8000-L switch for e-mountain bikes - black

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Shimano E-8000 Shifter/ Schalter
Shimano E-8000 Shifter/ Schalter Shimano STePS SW-E8000-L switch for e-mountain bikes - black
Specification for Shimano STePS SW-E8000-L switch for E-MTB

Manufacturer :  Shimano 

scope of application :

Shimano E-8000 Shifter / Switch L for

E-drive E8000

Mounting : Shimano E8000 switch with clamp

colour : black

Special features:


Original part of the company Shimano for the

Shimano Steps E-8000

Schimano STePS SW-E8000 Switch / Shifter / Firebolt Operation Drive

FIREBOLT SHIFTER SW-E8000 for selection of support levels

+ Intuitive switching of the support levels of the E-8000 drive
+ Finely defined switching points
+ Activation of the Shimano E-8000 pushing aid

The support modes are changed with a lever, similar to the Di2 derailleur lever -very simple assembly-super easy and great operation of the new Shimano E-8000 drive.

Shimano STePS SW-E8000 switch, firebolt lever.
One of the most important features that the developers of the E8000 drive unit had written in their specifications was the most natural possible driving experience.

Although the drivers can connect three levels (Eco, Trail and High Power) to the support power with the left Firebolt switch, otherwise the reaction feels like a conventional MTB when pedaling.
By choosing the Firebolt technology for the switch of the engine assistance, this is as intuitive as previously switched on the crank. Instead of changing steeply to the small chainring, the same finger movement in this situation will simply increase support in the future. In addition, the Power Walk mode can be activated. As a result, the bike can be easily pushed uphill even in very steep passages or on stairs.

The keys of the switch are not only used to select the support mode, but also serve for menu navigation in the STEPS display.

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