Third countries order tax free!

At all customers from third countries (for example our customers from Switzerland) order tax-free!

Once you register with an address outside the EU, the prices will be displayed without VAT. Please note, however, that you will have to pay the applicable value-added tax on import into a third country. In addition there may be customs fees and other import charges. In the case of e-bikes and retrofit kits as well as batteries supplied with the forwarding agency, the freight forwarder carries out the customs clearance and you will receive an invoice about the customs and the associated fees.

For our customers in Switzerland, we have compiled a leaflet detailing the fees and the processing (download here):

Customs processing for our customers from Switzerland

1. Buy with German VAT

There is basically the possibility to pick up our products at the store or have the goods sent to a German shipping address. In this case, we will create the invoice plus 19% German VAT. We speak here of export over the Ladentisch.

In the event that we receive a customs clearance stamped by the customs office and an export document, we will refund the German VAT.

Please note that the German VAT law does not allow the exemption from VAT on equipment for carriers. The law always refers to cars, trucks or sports boats and never of wheels, but in the broader sense, a bicycle is a means of transport. Therefore, we can not guarantee smooth handling at customs and do not accept liability for this. It should also be noted that these are only accessories and equipment, not the bike itself. This can be easily and easily cleared.

2. Buy net without German VAT

Here, we differentiate basically three different possibilities

A.) Purchasing with an invoice amount of up to CHF 65

Here is a trivial limit. In case of dispatch in Switzerland by way of the German / Swiss Post we can settle net and you do not pay taxes and duties.

B.) Purchase with an invoice amount of more than CHF 65, but no batteries, retrofitting systems or wheels

Here we also send with customs declaration by German / Swiss Post and the import is made by the Post Office. The following charges apply to you as customer:

- A turnover tax of 7,7% of the invoice amount

- Basic charge for check-in 11.50 Swiss francs

- 3% of the taxable value (excluding import and customs clearance)

Further information is available on the website of the Confederation, the cantons and municipalities at

C.) Purchase of batteries (bicycle rechargeable batteries), conversion systems and bicycles

Because of the size (Velo) or due to dangerous goods regulations (batteries with more than 100Wh capacity and the conversion kits) we ship with a freight forwarder. Shipping for batteries is 60,- €, bikes for free to Switzerland for you, but the following charges apply to you:

- 7,7% import turnover tax

- basic charge for the dispatch of the forwarding Schenker currently approx. 93 € (101,50 CHF)

- duty of 47 francs per 100 kg gross weight of batteries and kits (code 87149990)

- duty-free for bicycles (code 8711.6000)

This information is provided voluntarily and to the best of our knowledge. We assume no liability, in particular not with changes in customs and tax law, but would like to draw attention only to the costs that arise during your purchase.

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing or with the ordered products at a relaxed exit.

Your team

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