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Bring life to life with Trek Mountainbikes with BionX drive

High-quality mountain bikes from Trek, powered by an intelligent drive made by BionX, bring power and speed into your life!

We offer a number of special Trek Mountain bikes equipped with a BionX drive for bike enthusiasts.

We have brought the electric cycling to a whole new level. By combining components from two leading manufacturers in this area: BionX drive on Trek Mountainbikes. We are an authorized dealer of BionX and we have set ourselves the goal of designing e-bikes specifically for you according to your wishes. This is why we equip Trek bikes with a BionX retrofit system. We, the motivated team at e-bikes4you.com, are experts in retrofitting bikes with a drive system from BionX.

Trek mountain bike combined with BionX drive

A retrofit system from BionX can be installed in almost every bike to provide you with an electric drive support whenever you want. The mountain bikes from Trek, which we equip with the BionX drive, are robust and light, so an optimal combination of performance and handling results. Nothing strikes the efficiency, simplicity and driving pleasure of an X-Caliber with 29er wheels in combination with the D-Series of BionX. Perfect for XC-E-Bike races or for a hot tire on the next singletrack.

Our Trek bikes are equipped either with the D-series with 250W with a maximum support speed of up to 25 km / h or with a surcharge with the D-series with 500W with a support of up to 45 km / h. The new BionX systems from 2017 are supplied as standard with the RC3 controller, optionally the DS3 display or the Bluetooth module with which you can then use your mobile phone in conjunction with the BionX App as a display with many functions. So that enough power for your mobile phone is available, there is also the right Powerbank as energy storage.

BionX drive variants D250 or D500

The latest and most powerful line of the BionX E-Bike system is the D-Series in the two variants D250 or D500, with a torque of up to 50 Nm. Both are characterized by high-quality components, an extreme performance and a very nice look. The D250 variant supports up to 25 km / h and is thus approved for road traffic. The D500 variant supports up to 45 km / h and thus requires authorization and insurance. The sophisticated technology of the BionX drive offers a great advantage over other drive systems: through the recuperation mode, energy is fed back into the battery during braking during braking, which extends the range of the battery by up to 15%. The engine is silent and vibration free, which gives a feeling like a mountain bike without drive support.

Another highlight of the Trek mountain bikes with BionX drive is the 555 Wh battery with 11.6 Ah. This guarantees distances of up to 135 km with a rechargeable battery, with the recuperation even more, and thus allows long trips and impressive long-distance trips.

BionX powered Trek Mountain bikes are special bicycles that you can select from our extensive list of model types according to your wishes. The system of the BionX D series is unique with its technology and in combination with a mountain bike from Trek an indestructible team, with which you will have long pleasure. For the built-in BionX system there is a 3-year warranty on the bike from Trek's lifetime warranty on the frame and otherwise 2 years on all other parts except wear parts.

Not only our trek bikes with a drive from BionX are popular with the drivers, but of course also the retrofit systems, which you can install in almost every bike.

Equip your bike with the BionX retrofit system and make your perfect pedelec!

BionX is one of the most renowned manufacturers of retrofit systems worldwide. The first BionX engines were manufactured in Canada at the beginning of the 2000s in the company of the same name, headquartered in Aurora, Ontario. They have been designed and developed to fit almost any normal bicycle. The engineers set themselves the goal of developing the best and quietest drive currently available on the market. At present, the BionX systems are shipped to more than 15 countries around the world.

In our shop e-bikes4you.com you will find the BionX retrofit systems and of course many more information about the drive.


We offer well-equipped trek bikes with BionX drive, which bring momentum into your journeys. With the seamless integration of high-performance technology into high-quality mountain bikes, we have created a combination that is unique in the market.

The available bike models with BionX drive 2017 are:

You can find all Trekbike models 2017 with BionX drive in our online shop www.e-bikes4you.com. If you would like another bike with BionX drive, please contact our competent team. We are happy to help!

Other accessories for your BionX bike can be found in the following categories:

BionX retrofit systems

BionX batteries, chargers and battery trays

Bionx displays and brackets

BionX Accessories


Unpack and start.

The new Trek Bikes with BionX drive are carefully installed in our master workshop, adjusted and then tested for you. Delivered by forwarding agency in a special e-bike carton. For you, the bike is ready to ride with just a few hands - you place the handlebars straight and assemble the pedals - done!

If you have any questions about the Trek Bikes with BionX drive, please contact our well-trained team at e-bikes4you.com by phone at +49 8033 978 9020 or by e-mail at info@e-bikes4you.com.