Lease or finance a new bike? Here are the advantages of both options!

If you're thinking about getting an e-bike, it may be interesting to look into the various financing options that are available to you. In Germany, there are several very interesting ways you can get a new e-bike, without having to pay the entire purchase amount at once.

Business Leasing, sometimes referred to as "employee bike", and classic financing - the advantages and disadvantages of both variants can be read here:

Leasing - Finanzierung


  • Financing with Santander Consumer Bank
  • Advantages of financing with the Santander Consumer Bank AG
  • Disadvantages of financing with Santander Consumer Bank AG
  • How does business leasing work and what benefits does it offer?
  • Disadvantages of the business leasing via the employer
  • Have we aroused your interest in the business bike leasing?

Financing through the Santander Consumer Bank AG:

You do not want to pay for your new e-bike immediately? This is the reason why we offer you the possibility of financing through Santander Consumer Bank AG. Flexible rates and simple handling make this kind of purchase method interesting.

How does it work? You simply put the products you want, such as an e-bike with accessories, in the shopping cart and go to the payment. There you choose Santander financing as payment method. You will receive an application which you can fill out and submit directly. In just a few moments you will receive the feedback from Santander Bank and complete the purchase. You will receive a contract signed with Santander Bank after confirming your identity. Santander then releases the purchased products, which then will be directly sent from .

Advantages of financing through Santander Consumer Bank AG:

The big advantage of financing over leasing is that after the end of the financing, the e-bike belongs to you, which is not the case with a leased bike. When leasing you have the opportunity to buy the bike at the end of the lease (usually 3 years) at a fixed residual value or to start a new leasing with a new bike.

Disadvantages of financing through Santander Consumer Bank AG:

There is no tax savings compared to the business leasing, since the financing is equal to a direct purchase. If you can avail yourself of the possibility of a business leasing, calculate in advance, which option is more favorable for you or use a consultation over our employees.

Are you interested in financing through Santander Consumer Bank AG? Here you can find detailed information.

How does business leasing work? Which are the advantages it offers?

Business leasing works the same as leasing a company car, and the legal basis is basically the same. In Germany, there are three well-known providers that handle the leasing of bikes - it does not have to be an e-bike - Bikeleasing, Jobrad and Businessbike. GmbH is a partner of all three leasing providers, which means that you can lease any e-bike that you can find in our shop as a company bike through one of the providers.

A big advantage of leasing is that you can use the bike privately for free. The bike is officially owned by the employer, who leaves it to you as employee, you pay one percent tax of the list price of the bicycle as a pecuniary advantage, the leasing rate can be deducted depending on the agreement with the employer from the wage. This saves both employers and employees taxes, so the bike is on average up to 30% cheaper than a direct purchase.

Disadvantages of business bike leasing through the employer

The e-bike is officially owned by the employer. If you change your job, the bike stays in the company in theory. There is a possibility that you will buy out the bike, but this should be agreed. After the leasing period, you can take the bike for a fixed amount or you can start a new lease with another bike and return the old e-bike.

Have we aroused your interest in the business bike leasing?