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The legislation in Germany allows since 2012, the lease of bicycles as a business bike. The basis for this is provided by the 1% regulation, which has long been common in the car sector. This allows an employee to get economical advantages on a high-quality e-bike, road bike, mountain bike, trekking bike, city bike or cargo bike.Of the many advantages associated with bike leasing through BusinessBike benefit not only the employees, but also the employer. A boss, whose employees ride a bike to work knows that these are healthy, relaxed and fit in the job. In addition, an employee who rides a leasing bike is much more motivated, because the motivation effect and employee loyalty are much greater and more sustainable than with a simple salary increase. BusinessBike Leasing is simple and straightforward. Every employee can choose his bike bei as partner of BusinessBike and lease in few steps. The employer can claim the leasing rates as operating expenses and thus has a tax advantage that should not be underestimated.


Some advantages for choosing BusinessBike Bike leasing:

  • about 30% savings through tax savings on leasing compared to direct purchase
  • motivation and employee loyalty
  • no search for a parking space with the leased bicycle
  • Potential savings for employers and employees through bike leasing from BusinessBike
  • high quality business bike for unlimited private use
  • through a leased bike an active health management by employer
  • minimal effort for employers and employees with BusinessBike as a leasing partner
  • professional service and advice through GmbH

The service of when leasing through BusinessBike:

On the way to lease a new business bike, we at are the specialist retailer of renowned bike brands such as the brand's bikes and e-bikes Trek, Focus, Electra, Diamant, Kalkhoff and cargobikes from Triobike and Johnny Loco. We assist you in choosing the right business bike, and we support you in concluding BusinessBike leasing contracts. The employer announces the cooperation with BusinessBike as leasing provider to the employees and offers the leasing within his company. The employees choose the desired bike by and once the selection is fixed, will create the offer. After approval of the lease of BusinessBike the bike can already be delivered or handed over.

Employees who use a business bicycle will find new opportunities on the way to work and, of course, in their spare time. The employee who comes to work with the business bike is demonstrably more efficient and less ill. Salary conversion for BusinessBike Leasing saves employers and employees part of the non-wage labor costs, saving money from both sides. With the business leasing, the dream bike is on average 30% cheaper than the original price.

Instead of a salary component, the employee receives a business bike, which he is entitled to use privately in full. The same applies to the bike as the company car, a tax of 1% of the RSP.

Have we aroused your interest in the business leasing via BusinessBike?

We will gladly provide you with a personal calculation and show you the individual advantages of business leasing via BusinessBike. Please send us an e-mail with the subject: "Business Bike Offer": or call us on +49 8033 978 9021

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