Bike-Leasing - the partner for the business bike leasing!

Since 2012 there is the possibility in Germany to lease a business bike. The business bike is taxed according to the 1% regulation, as it has long been customary in the car sector. Any employee or self-employed person can enjoy a high-quality bicycle or e-bike at a very low price. Anyone who cycles to work lives healthier, more relaxed and more motivated. In addition to the health factors, there is also a financial incentive to lease a bike through business bike leasing instead of buying it. Up to 30% cheaper can be the business bike  by tax savings. Almost anyone can lease their dream bike through a business leasing provider. It does not matter if it's road bike, e-bike, cargo bike, city bike or mountain bike. The employer has the added benefit of being able to claim the lease payments as business expenses. And to make the whole thing round, the bike is also insured against theft.

The advantages of business bike leasing through Bike-Leasing:

  • Approx. 30% savings through business bike leasing via Bike-Leasing compared to cash purchase
  • Business leasing boosts motivation better than some wage increases
  • Employee retention through expansion of the offer for employees
  • Improvement of the parking situation - especially in cities a big problem
  • Tax savings for employers and employees
  • High quality business bike for unrestricted private use
  • Promoting health with many positive consequences for workers and employers
  • Low administrative costs for business bike leasing via Bike-Leasing
  • professional handling & delivery of bikes through

he service of on the business bike leasing through Bike-Leasing:

The employer concludes a partner contract with Bike-Leasing and informs the employees about the possibility of a business bike leasing. The employees search for a bike on the online shop or directly in the shop in Kufstein and get an offer for bike leasing from Bike-Leasing. You can choose from a wide range of bikes and e-bikes from the brands Trek, Focus, Electra, Diamant, Kalkhoff and cargobikes from Triobike and Johnny Loco. The offer is approved by Bike-Leasing as a leasing provider and the transfer or the shipping agreed, which incidentally is free.

For companies involved in the business bike leasing, there are many additional benefits besides tax savings: 

Employees gain more quality of life, freedom and the foundation for a healthier, fitter life. Traffic jams and parking are a thing of the past. As a result of the cash-flow conversion variant, part of the non-wage labor costs are attributable to the leasing rate. The resulting savings are up to over 30% compared to the direct purchase. In this case, instead of paying part of his salary as wages, the employee receives his business bike, which he can also use privately without restriction.

Contact us for a personal leasing example calculation and we will show you your Bike-Leasing service benefits in detail. We are also available for a personal conversation with your company. Please send us a short mail: or call us: +49 8033 978 9021

Use the free benefit calculator from Bike-Leasing to calculate your personal advantage!