BOSCH Ladegerät Europa für E-Bikes der Classic+ Line
BOSCH Ladegerät Europa für E-Bikes der Classic+ Line

BOSCH Charger for E-Bike batteries of the Classic + Line

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Bosch Charger Europe for E-Bikes of the Classic + Line of model years 2011/2012/2013, 230 V

The Original Bosch Classic Charger for the absolute special price here at

Your Bosch charger is defective and you need a new Bosch charger for your e-bike?

Then quickly stop and charge the battery with the help of the small and light Bosch Charger simply at a socket.

With the Bosch eBike Charger, PowerPack 300 and PowerPack 400 in max. 2.5 or 3.5 hours again fully charged. The new PowerPack 500 reaches its full charge in max. 4.5 hours. The 50% charge for the PowerPack 300 is only about 1, the PowerPack 400 is about 1.5 and the PowerPack 500 about 2 hours.

Functional, robust and silent:

An ergonomically designed charger facilitates handling, the very compact dimensions allow the device to disappear easily in the luggage. The enclosed housing makes the Charger stable and dirt-resistant, the charging process without disturbing noises.

Compact and lightweight:

The Bosch eBike Charger is only about the size of a drinking bottle and with less than 800 grams of light weight.

You can now also use the Bosch Active- and Peformance Line charger:

You need the following parts:

BOSCH Standard Charger Active & Performance Line

BOSCH Compact Charger Active & Performance Line

BOSCH Travel Charger Active & Performance Line

+ BOSCH Charger Adapter for Active and Performance Line batteries on Classic + Line batteries

Use one of the three Bosch chargers in combination with the BOSCH charger adapter for batteries of the Active and Performance line on Classic + Line batteries.