Customers from third countries order tax-free!

At customers from third countries (for example our customers from Switzerland) are tax-free!

As soon as you register with an address that is outside the EU, you will see the prices in the shop without the German sales tax of currently 19%. Please note, however, that you must pay the applicable VAT on importation to a third country. There may be additional customs fees and other import charges. For e-bikes and retrofit systems as well as batteries that are delivered with the forwarding company (batteries and retrofit systems are dangerous goods), our freight forwarder takes care of the customs clearance and you will receive an invoice for the customs duties and the applicable fees.


For our Swiss customers, we have compiled an information letter in which the resulting fees and processing are explained in detail (here for download):

This is how customs clearance works for our Swiss customers:

1. Purchase gross with German VAT 19%

There is basically the possibility to pick up purchased products directly in Kufstein or Kiefersfelden or to have the goods sent to a shipping address in Germany. In this case, the invoice excludes German VAT at the current rate of 19%. We are talking about export over the counter, which only really becomes an export, if you officially introduce the goods to Switzerland.

If you officially import the goods into Switzerland, you will receive a customs invoice stamped with customs and an export certificate. If you send us the copy of these documents, we will refund the German VAT.

Please note: officially, the German VAT law does not allow VAT for equipment for means of transport. In the case of law, however, there is always talk of cars, trucks or pleasure boats and never of bicycles, but in a broader sense, a bicycle and an e-bike is also a means of transport. Therefore, we can not guarantee trouble-free processing at the customs and assume no liability for this. NOTE: these are only accessories and equipment, not the e-bike itself. Bicycles and e-bikes can be removed and unloaded easily.

2. Purchase net without German VAT 19%

Here, a distinction is made between three different options:

a.) Online shopping with an invoice amount up to 65 CHF

For orders up to 65 CHF the de minimis limit applies. When shipping in Switzerland through us by post or parcel service, you will receive a net invoice without German VAT, you pay no taxes and duties.

b.) Online shopping with an invoice amount over 65 CHF, does not apply to batteries, retrofit systems or e-bikes

Here we ship with customs declaration via post or parcel service, the import is made by the post office or the service provider. The following fees are incurred for you as a customer:

- Import tax in the amount of 8% of the invoice amount (VAT Switzerland = 8%)

- Basic fee for handling: 11.50 francs

- Surcharge of 3% of the taxable value of goods (without import details and customs clearance)

Further information can be found on the website of the Swiss Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities at

c.) Purchase of batteries, retrofit systems and e-bikes

Due to the size (bicycle, e-bike) or due to dangerous goods regulations (batteries with more than 100Wh capacity and the BionX retrofit systems), we ship with a forwarding agency. The shipping is free from 500, - € value of goods, the following charges apply to you:

- Import sales tax of 8% of the invoice amount (VAT Switzerland = 8%)

- Basic fee for the dispatch of the forwarding agency about 93 € (101,50 CHF)

- duty of 47 francs per 100 kg gross weight for rechargeable batteries and retrofit systems (code 87149990)

- Bicycles and e-bikes are tax free  (code 87116000)


This information is voluntary, has been researched by us and has been compiled to the best of our knowledge. We assume no liability, especially not for changes in customs and tax law, but would like to inform you about the costs incurred when shopping in our online store.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our online shop or with the products ordered in a relaxed ride.

Your team from

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