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TrioBike - the manufacturer of Cargobikes!

Triobike Cargo

TrioBike designs, develops, manufactures and sells transportation solutions for urban and rural families, but also for commercial companies. Since 2004 Trio offers families with children the opportunity to think about alternatives to the car. This choice allows modern and environmentally conscious people to opt for a safe, easy, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to find their way through the clogged streets of cities around the world. Everyone can contribute their share in the reduction of emissions. Citizens from Denmark have been accustomed for generations not only to spend their free time, but also to use their bicycles daily to commute to work. The more people decide to change the car to the wheel, the more effective the impact on our environment. A study from the UK showed that you have a 62% chance of taking a trip up to 4 km in the city by bike with a child faster than by car.

Transport solutions

They are a real alternative to cars and often offer a faster average speed through the traffic jams of our cities. Due to the high possible transport weights you can take your children and purchases at the same time and if you have to park you do not need a parking ticket.

Triobike Cargo


TrioBike works with all system suppliers and carefully selects components, materials and resources from the environmental point of view.

Security comes first

Scandinavia is known for safe and robust construction (VOLVO®, log houses) and this tradition is continued by Trio Bike.
TrioBike designs, develops, and tests bicycles for loads of more than twelve years. The frames are reinforced with large-dimensioned pipes and carefully welded. The bicycles have a stable and strong frame and can be loaded heavily. You will still have a comfortable ride.
Seat and bonnet materials have been carefully selected. Danish production prohibits the use of heavy metals, hazardous chemicals and phthalates in the vicinity of children. TrioBike was the first company to produce load wheels that has introduced the five-point belt.
The transport box of the Mono series is formed from a 2-layer ABS sandwich vacuum. Before the market launch, the crash test according to EN / 1888/2003 was carried out and passed.

TrioBike- three series

The model series of the Danish company are simple and clear with the types Cargo, Mono, Boxter. They offer each customer the freedom to customize their vehicle through the equipment variants and color selection options.
The Cargo range embodies the sleek and sporty approach of the single-track and narrow trunk or passenger compartment. With the Mono range, TrioBike offers a safe and elegant tricycle with which your small children and the baby carrier can always travel with you.
Take up to four children in the Boxter series. Due to the rectangular structure, two seat rows can accommodate up to four children. The Boxter is also a classic tricycle with two front wheels.
All wheels from TrioBike can be equipped with Bionx drive to assist them with the rear wheel motor. All models can also be equipped with seats, baby shells, flat hoods and wind and weather fixed rain hoods.

On request, we can equip your kind with approved lighting. Ask your team at e-bikes4you.com.

Should you also wish to customize your bike's wishes or components, please contact us. As a TrioBike dealer, Bionx distributor and normal bike workshop, we can equip your model in any way on request.
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