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Supernova Lights - stylish design and inspiring quality- for your visibility and safety

The requirements of Supernova are very high, but simple:

With excellent product design, highest quality and durability to motivate people for cycling and to make your mobility even safer. Cycling is the most environmental friendly means of transport. Every kilometer you cycle is saving the car kilometer. Cycling is a life setting. Supernova wants to be a small part of the great movement trying to preserve our precious planet not only for ourselves, but for future generations as well.

Environmental protection - a natural thought

★ The products are designed for a long life to reduce electronic waste.
★ The production takes place in Germany and uses only green electricity, whether from hydropower, wind power, solar or biogas.
★ It is very important to use only environmentally friendly materials, all products are free of PVC.
★ The shipping is in an environmental friendly packaging.
★ Most of the Supernova employees go to work by bike - just like at e-bikes4you.com

The secret of success? Extensive experience and knowledge of the employees

Supernova has been developing and producing high-performance bicycle lighting for almost 20 years. The origin of the company is in the automotive design and the relations to the automobile sector are reflected in all products. Their own requirements for the quality of the mechanical processing and design are exceptionally high and the development is planned over many years so that the products remain for a long time state-of-the-art. Another special feature and strength of the light development at Supernova is the high practical reference in all development phases. Since the developers and the owner Marcus Wallmeyer themselves are passionate cyclists, the practical use is at the top. In the extreme area the valuable feedback from sponsored longdistance drivers is used and as experienced 24h racers the developers also like to go with prototypes on the racetrack - that you will find nowhere else. One of the most important basic principles of Supernova is to develop products not to fill price levels but to meet customer requirements. Because quality and the best functionality come first, Supernova does not have any cheap headlights and it will never happen. The fact that the dynamic Supernova developer team is on the right course, in addition to numerous awards, also demonstrate the sustained success of the products themselves.

Supernova lighting systems do not let you down, whether in everyday life or in exceptional situations. Supernova goes beyond ISO standard tests and simulates even the roughest conditions, so that you can count on your Supernova product no matter where you are. Every year, the company develops more sophisticated and tougher tests to make the products even more robust. The conclusion: The lighting systems are not only powerful, efficient and high-quality, but also have a long service life. Guaranteed!

Bright efficient masterpieces

Supernova lenses and reflectors are products of many years of research and development - masterpieces of engineering art! It is logical that the quality of a headlamp depends on the quality of its optical elements. The company therefore invests a lot in the perfection of these key
components. The developers precisely analyze thousands of computer simulations to create optical systems with the best possible light image. Only high-purity components are used during production and the final quality is controlled with microscopic precision.

Small but powerful - Terraflux 2

The Terraflux 2 lens is a milestone in optics development. No other lens of this size produces such a bright and uniform illumination on the street and at the same time has such a good ambient illumination above the light-dark boundary. With the Terraflux 2 lens you are noticed in the traffic and nevertheless does not glare the oncoming traffic. Through a sophisticated light control, the Terraflux 2 lens delivers 90% of the light where it is most needed: onto the road. There it forms a wide and even light cone, which extends from the front wheel far into the distance. The permanent daytime running light integrated in the lens ensures a very good perceptibility of the driver during traffic. At night, this light component is used for excellent ambient lighting and also warns of lowhanging obstacles.

E-BIKE lighting - the main feature is unmistakable

E-bikes are fast and quiet. Their greatest advantages, however, are their greatest safety risks, as speed is often underestimated. This is why the quality of the lighting system plays an especially important role at the E-Bike. In urban use, other road users must be able to recognize immediately that they are a fast-moving traffic person. Even darkest routes should be illuminated optimal broadly and with the widest possible range, and also during the day you will appreciate the safety of a widely safe daytime running light. Also the rear lights are well recognizable and keep your back free. With the Supernova E-Bike headlights you can enjoy the new safety!

Dynamo lighting

Spontaneously simply jump on the bicycle and cycle until the night comes- without worries and without having to recharge the battery. The dynamo light system makes it possible. In everyday life or on journeys, your bicycle lights are always ready and maintenance-free, and give you like a magic hand - whenever and for as long as you want. Since the electricity comes from selfproduction here, you are particularly environmental friendly and can use your light without a sense of conscience, also as a permanent daytime running light. The dynamo headlamp works so efficiently, that even many 24h racing drivers decide for him. They know that the dynamo does not produce any noticeable resistance and the illumination is better than with most pluggable battery packers.