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Get on the bikes, get set, go: why the e-mountain bikes JAM² and BOLD² conquer the trail

Focus E-Mountainbike

The German bike brand FOCUS revolutionizes the driving experience!

Hand on the heart: for a long time e-bikes had a rather boring image.

Who does not think of slogans such as "Too lazy to pedal" or the genus of the common cyclist meandering through the cycle paths of the city, just with a bit more tempo. This changes now with a bang: The e-mountain bikes of the new generation are mega stylish, meet highly innovative technological demands and provide a new experience of "off-road". The young savages are entering the market and conquering it equally stormy. With the JAM² and BOLD² models, the German bike brand FOCUS, founded in 1992, shows that e-mountain bikes can always compete with their unmotorised counterparts when it comes to setting new standards in mountain bike sports.

The pearls of e-mountain bikes: JAM² and BOLD²

The manufacturer FOCUS named its E-MTB JAM² and BOLD² "Mountain Bike 2.0". The new concept promises even more driving pleasure, even more design and makes the e-mountain bikes the most exciting bikes for 2017. The brothers of the non-motorized bikes JAM and BOLD impress with just as "real" mountain bike experience. Another advantage for all those who value it: Thanks to the integrated battery and small Shimano Steps engine recognizes the FOCUS JAM² and BOLD² only at second glance, that this is an E-MTB.

Hi, my name is JAM²: geometry in a nutshell

The handling of the new JAM is extremely similar to that of a classic mountain bike despite the powerful Shimano Steps MTB drive. This was achieved by the new Fold rear triangle concept, a sporty geometry and the T.E.C. battery concept. Thanks to the new T.E.C. technology (Tailored Energy Concept), the driver can choose, depending on his requirements, how much battery capacity he wants to go on tour with. Thanks to the simple integration of a second battery pack on the "Smart Rack", the total capacity amounts to a whopping 756 Wh, enough for extremely long tours.

Behind the fold-Hinterbausystem is a kinematics, which controls the damper not via a bridge, but two links. This is intended to divide the suspension travel into two phases - a first, very sensitive phase and a second phase with the necessary progression. That makes for even more driving pleasure on the trail.

Overall, FOCUS offers the JAM² in six trim levels. All product details can be found in our online shop at Focus E-MTBs.

May we introduce: BOLD² for the extra-rough trail

The Focus BOLD² is the new hardtail e-mountain bike from FOCUS and comes with extra grip. The centerpiece here too is the Fold rear suspension system. The wide 27.5 + tires give extra traction, improved cornering and increased cushioning in interlocked terrain. The equally robust as well as perfectly shaped BOLD² is a pioneer for use in rough terrain. It is intended for any type of trail; downhill, flat and uphill.

Driving experience redefined: that's why the new e-mountain bikes are convincing

It is this unique feeling of freedom and adventure that makes mountain biking. And that is precisely what FOCUS achieves with its e-models, which are fundamentally designed so that nothing is lost from the actual driving pleasure of a mountain bike.

The benefits are obvious (and the trail):

  • What has long been considered a sport of lone fighters is now reinventing itself: e-mountain bikes give bike athletes and mountain bike enthusiasts the opportunity to ride the terrain together despite having different fitness levels.
  • Bike athletes, who dare to rejoin the demanding sport after an injury or a longer break, drive safely on an e-mountain bike and gradually increase their level.
  • E-mountain bikes extend the radius of the exit seriously - so you can explore completely new trails.
  • E-mountain bikes open up new sporting perspectives by allowing the driver to master new requirement profiles and "degrees of hardness".

The unique concept of JAM² and BOLD² models in detail

The engineers from Focus in Cloppenburg give powerful gas and with the JAM² e-bike not in vain the award as a test winner 2017 in the most famous magazine of the scene "E-MTB" ausahnt!

With Focus's TAILORED ENERGY CONCEPT (T.E.C.), you can choose the battery pack that suits your needs. The individual energy concept gives you customizable capacity of up to 756 Wh, surpassing any idea of power and range - see for yourself!

Focus TEC pack

The advantages of the T.E.C. pack at a glance:

• Tailored battery concept

• Maximum capacity of 756 Wh

• Reliable, protected battery concept

• Ideal handling

• Low weight

• Low center of gravity

Focus TEC pack

Beautifully integrated in the down tube: the powerful Shimano battery with 378 Wh!

Focus TEC pack

Your JAM² or BOLD² with integrated battery and additional energy package. The T.E.C. pack as additional battery, is easy and flexible to assemble. The Bone Rail with which you use your T.E.C. clipped pack, is simply in advance with two screws supplied attached to the down tube. A cable connects the T.E.C. pack with the contact in the top tube and thus ensures quick and easy additional energy supply through the robust additional battery.

Focus TEC pack

And this is the 3rd way to use the space on the down tube stylish: You mount the bottle holder on the smart rack and can then while driving with a click between the bottle and T.E.C. change pack. The basis for using the Smart Rack is the previously installed Bone Rail. With the built-in rack on the smart rack you can add additional equipment such. take a spare hose.

Focus airflow

Always keep a cool head: With the AIRFLOW technology, the battery of your e-mountain bike is always well ventilated and does not overheat. It flows fresh, cool air into the down tube, where the battery is installed. Through this air flow, the resulting heat is removed by the down tube.

Focus cable routing

The cable routing installed in the frame ensures a clean look and extends the service life of the cables, ensuring faultless shifting and braking at all times.