Bosch, market leader in e-bikes and pedelecs batteries

Bosch started working on e-bike motors as part of a small start up project in 2009 and has since gone from strength to strength.

At the time, no one was fully aware of how big the e-bike industry was going to become. In 2010, the first Bosch e-bike system, the Bosch Classic Line, was introduced at the Eurobike Expo in Friedriechshafen.

  • 2011 -The first batch of Bosch drives went into production. They were produced in Mondeville, France and in Bühl, Germany. They were so popular that they quickly sold out. 
  • 2012 - Bosch started building a warehouse in Miskolc, Hungary. 
  • 2012 -The new company headquarters opened in Reutlingen in September. This was the new location for all development, panning and sales. 
  • 2013 - The first new series of the Active and Performance Line Motors was presented. The drive was completely new: smaller, lighter, quieter and with even more power.
  • 2014- Bosch broke into the US market and founded Bosch E-Bikes Americas. They also broke into the Asian market during the same year
  • 2014 - The new Bosch Nyon (the new all-in-one computer and navigation system for bikes) was presented.
  • 2015 - Bosch finally build factories in Hungary and Shanghai.
  • Since then Bosch has gone from strength to strength, developing new motors, batteries and displays.

The various components of the Bosch drive (Drive Unit, PowerPack and Displays) at a glance:

The drive of every e-bike is the engine. Bosch calls this centerpiece of the E-Bikes Drive Unit.

The Bosch Drive Unit is available in three different versions:

The new Bosch Performance Line CX variant is sporty, has an aggressive look, is absolutely spectacular and convinces with a maximum torque of up to 75 Newtonmeters (36v). The Bosch performance line CX series accelerates sportily up to high speeds even in alpine terrain.

The Bosch Performance Line variant is available in two versions: the comfotrable Bosch Performance Cruise (up to 25 km / h) and the sparkling Bosch Performance Speed variant (up to 45 km / h). The drive is quiet, sporty and incredibly sensitive (36v).

The new Bosch Active line series offers precise and perfectly dosed support at every step. For a little more backwind with pleasant bike tours and more power in everyday life. The Bosch ActiveLine series supports up to 25 km / h and inspires all leisure e-bikers. The Active Line series is the only version of the Bosch drive also available with a back-pedal brake.



The second component for the perfect pedelec is the battery.

The Bosch powerpack is available as a frame or luggage carrier battery with 500, 400 and 300 Wh.

All Bosch accumulators (luggage carriers as well as frame accumulators) have the high energy density, their enormous running performance, the long lifetime, the low weight and their easy handling. Whether 400wh or 500wh, whether black or anthracite: you will be amazed by the ultimate power and the attractive offers in our shop!


Bosch PowerPack

For the ultimate Uphill Flow, the Powerpack Performance Line CX in black is just right for your bike! Because we offer you the perfect frame battery for your requirements. The lithium-ion power packs have proven to offer the highest power density with the smallest size and smallest weight of a battery for your maximum driving pleasure. The Performance Line CX drive is considered to be particularly durable and will not fail to impress you with its compact design. The Powerpack from Bosch is available with 500wh and 400wh and as a frame battery.


Bosch Performance Line


Available as a frame or luggage rack, the Bosch PerformanceLine battery is particularly easy to handle and has a modern design. 2017 a new special at Bosch: by pairing two PowerPacks, you can reach the DualBattery system twice the range. This battery is available to me either 400 Wh or 500 Wh.


Bosch Active Line


The Bosch ActiveLine is the ideal rechargeable battery for those who want to reach their destination more relaxed and quicker. With a perfectly dosed pedal support up to a maximum of 25 km / h, you can enjoy more driving pleasure and range - be it when driving into the countryside, shopping or the next bike ride with friends. Bosch ActiveLine PowerPacks are available with 500, 400 and 300 Wh as frame or luggage carrier battery. Gentle support and smooth driving pleasure are guaranteed with this Powerpack!

Find the perfect display for your Bosch drive:

Whether it's Intuvia, Purion or Nyon: Bosch knows your requirements for an e-bike display!

Bosch Intuvia

The Intuvia Display from Bosch:

  • Easy handling

You can change the driving modes comfortably with the thumb via the separate gear center.

  • Practical handling

Also from the bike are taken off all tour dates and can be seen.

  • Easy to read

Even in sunlight you can quickly record your speed, distance, travel time and the current range.

  • Comfortable

The sliding aid, which can be activated in two steps, also supports you when walking up to 6 km / h.

  • interface

On the way, Intuvia uses the Micro USB interface to charge devices such as Your smartphone on.

  • Service information

The optional interval display informs you about upcoming service appointments.

The Intuvia display for the PerformanceLine is designed in black, for the ActiveLine in anthracite.

Bosch Purion

The Purion Display from Bosch:

  • Overview display

Charge state, speed, driving mode, range, trip distance, total distance.

  • Optimal readability

The backlit mirror-free display makes it possible to recognize all driving data.

  • Focus on the essentials

Five support levels, safe operation with the thumb, tidy handlebar.

  • Practical sliding aid

The sliding aid, which can be activated in two steps, supports you up to 6 km / h. This facilitates, for example, the sliding passage with the shopping in the basket.

  • Easy diagnosis

Via the micro-USB interface the dealer can check the condition of your eBikes.

  • Service information

The optional interval display reminds you of maintenance dates.

Bosch Nyon

The first all-in-one e-bike on-board computer: the Nyon Display from Bosch

  • Ride

Engine support as required
Sporty or relaxed - with five different driving modes you can select the engine support as you wish. With an additional premium function, you can customize the driving modes individually.

  • Your pedelec at a glance

Whether you need time, speed, speed, range, distance, battery charge or cadence, Nyon will show you all the important information at a glance.

  • navigation
  • Comfortable route planning

Plan your own routes on the portal, Nyon or the eBike Connect app or download routes as GPX tracks into the eBike Connect online portal.

  • Selection of route profiles

Choose your preferred route from three suggestions: you decide between the fastest, the most beautiful or the route for eMountainbiker on mainly unspoilt paths. For speed bikes, the shortest route is calculated.

  • fitness
  • Training function

Your eBike becomes a "personal trainer". Whether you are training for a competition or a health-conscious and active recreational athlete, Nyon informs and motivates you with all relevant data in real time.

  • Fitness check

Nyon determines your pedaling force and cadence and calculates power and energy consumption. For example, you can obtain more accurate values in conjunction with a heart rate chest strap. This way you can always train in the right pulse range.

  • Online evaluation on eBike-Connect

In the portal you can see how effectively you train. This gives you an overview of your current fitness and training level.

  • Smartphone function
  • Individual adjustments

Use the eBike Connect app, for example, to insert tour shows or to change the screen design according to your wishes. Attractive premium features make your eBike assistant even more individual: Get the premium feature you need to adjust the driving modes or the topographic range.

  • Charging station for external devices

The micro-USB interface is not only used for diagnosis by your specialist, but also for charging external devices, e.g. Smartphones.


All Bosch displays have the same five different driving modes:


Bosch Unterstützungsstufen Antrieb

Many new offers for batteries (luggage carrier and frame battery with 400wh or 500wh), the power pack for the Bosch Classic Line and many other products are waiting for you in our shop.

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