Bosch PowerTube 400 Wh horizontally integrated

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360 Bosch PowerTube integrierter Akku 400 Wh horizontal
Specification BOSCH PowerTube 400 Wh horizontally integrated

Power Pack TypeHorizontally integrated - black

  • Performance Line CX
  • Performance Line
  • Performance Line Speed
  • Active Line
  • Active Line Plus

Not compatible with
  • Classic Line

Mount type
  • Intergrated

Charging times
  • Compact Charger:
    50% charge – 2,5 hrs, 100% charge– 6,5 hrs
  • Standard Charger:
    50% charge– 1,5 hrs, 100% charge– 3,5 hrs
  • Fast Charger:
    50% charge– 1 hr, 100% charge– 2,5 hrs

Key Features
  • The lithium-ion battery combines small size and low weight with maximum energy density for maximum riding pleasure.
  • These batteries do not suffer from memory effect or self-discharge issues.
  • They are easily removed and charged at home through ergonomic handling.
  • If storing for extended periods of time or for winter, Bosch recommend a charge between 30% and 60%.
  • These batteries offer an intelligent Battery Management System for longevity and maximum reach.
  • Batteries do not require system updates
  • The battery can be secured using a lock built into the frame (lock is not included in the order)
  • Battery can be charged whilst attached or detached from the bike 

Voltage36 Volt

Capacity111 Ah

Power400 Wh

Weight2,9 kg

Size349 mm x 65 mm x 84 mm

Included in orderOriginal Bosch battery

Product code/ EANProduct code: 0275007555 EAN:4054289000493

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400 Wh PowerTube fully integrated Bosch battery - horizontal

The 400Wh PowerTube  stands for longevity, easy handling and quality.

Highlights of the Bosch PowerTubes 400 Wh

  • Fully integrated Bosch PowerTube 400 Wh battery.
  • Original Bosch batterywith Bosch Batterie Management Systemfor longevity and maximum reach. This system protects your battery from power surges, overheating, overcharging and power cuts.
  • Easy, elegant integration with the frame, removable without tools.
  • The PowerTube 400 Wh can be charged attached to the bike or externally.
  • Extremely robust cover, knock and vibration proof.
  • Compatible with all current Bosch motors (Performance Line, Performance Line CX, Active Line, Active Line Plus).

Afull charge using the Standard Charger takes 3,5 hours, 1,5 hours for 50% charge.

The 400Wh battery only weighs 2.9kg making it the perfect replacement or seconday battery.

The longevity of all lithium iron batteries is dependent on the duration and intensity of use and ages naturally even if not in use.

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