BIONX Torque Support P-Series

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BionX Torque support
BionX Torque support BionX Drehmomentstütze P-Serie
manufacturer: BionX GmbH 

scope of application:

Metal blocker also provides torque support for 90 ° positioning

Of the support

mounting Type: Please use the original parts

color: Silver stainless steel

special features:


Original part of BionX

BionX Torque Support P-Series

Bionx torque brakes for all BionX P series, BionX SL engines. Unlike many older BionX engines, the SL and P engines no longer have any torque support with conical connection. The connection of the new torque support to the axle is form-fitting and therefore does not require a puller for replacement.

When mounting the BionX P-motor or SL drive, it is very important that the groove on the axle is at a 90 ° angle to the chain line, so that the detection of the impact force function properly.

By default, all BionX conversion kits are delivered with a 27 ° torque block (metal blocker) that fits most frames.

If the groove can not be aligned with the chain line in 90 °, you can see the template included in the BionX conversion kit, which is the appropriate torque support for your frame. The template can also be found in our downloads.

Instructions for use: Cut out the small circle and position the stencil on the rear wheel axle. The dotted line must be vertical. Determine the angle that best corresponds to your dropout angle. A tolerance of +/- 5 ° is permissible as a deviation from the vertical position of the axis slot.

In the drop-down list, simply select one of the 7 different degrees.

With handbikes and recumbents the chain does not always run horizontally. The slot in the axis does not have to point perpendicularly downwards but perpendicular to the chain direction. In handbikes, where the failure ends in most cases, the fork longitudinal direction, a 90 ° torque support is required.

If you have any questions regarding this technical product, please contact the E-Bikes4You team, who will be happy to assist you.

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