BionX Battery 48V 6,6 Ah 317 Wh Subrohrkuu
BionX Battery 48V 6,6 Ah 317 Wh Subrohrkuu BionX Battery 48V 6,6 Ah 317 Wh Subrohrkuu Plug 48 Volt Charger BionX

BIONX battery DL- 48V / 6,6 Ah / 317 Wh

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Electric bike & e-bike battery BIONX 48V / 6,6 AH / 317 WH - additional battery / secondary battery for downtube mounting

Bionx batteries are directly delivered from their production plant in China and shipped to the customer as soon as possible without long storage.

3 years of warranty on all BionX 48 volts batteries only here at - your BionX specialist in Central Europe.

The BionX DL 6,6 Ah and 317 Wh is the smallest battery in the BionX family. You want a second battery or do not need the maximum range then you have found exactly the right one. The small and light 6,6 Ah battery of BionX is perfect for short distances or as a second battery, and also protects the wallet.

The original BionX battery with 48 V and 6.6 Ah is perfect as a replacement or second battery. If you have a BionX system with 37V and Canbus you can easily upgrade the battery to 48V.

The BionX system has a recuperation mode at the console, which means that energy is recovered by the engine brake when the engine is lowered and fed into the BionX battery. The BionX batteries now have a "deep sleep" function for energy saving. Depending on the charge state and the inactivity of the battery, this automatically switches to the "deep sleep", a low-sleep mode. In the "Deep Sleep" mode, no energy is consumed in the idle state. With a fully charged BionX battery, this results in a shelf life of up to 18 months. To activate the battery from the low battery, only the 26V BionX power supply is necessary!

Due to the modern lithium- ionen technology, the BionX battery 48V 6.6 Ah has a particularly light and compact design. In addition to the BionX 48 V / 6,6 Ah / 317 Wh, you also have the two larger BIONX batteries DX- 48V / 8.8Ah / 423 Wh and BIONX battery DV- 48V / 11.6Ah / 555 Wh available. These have more capacity and more range.

Please note the following when retrofitting from 37V to 48V:

On the bottom of the console or even display is a bar code. If this number is higher than 2331 then your bike has a CAN BUS protocol and you can easily upgrade to the new BionX 48 Volt batteries.It requires a 48 volt charger.


Included in delivery is an original BionX battery (48V / 6,6 Ah / 317 Wh) and 2 pieces of original key.

If you still have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are happy to help.