Shimano Steps - The e-bike system for pure fun and freedom!

Discover the adventure! The Shimano Steps E8000 drive is a system specifically designed for mountain bikes, which, despite its super-light weight, provides more power to handle climbs. It provides more support at higher cadence, yet the driving experience feels completely natural. Shimano Steps is a system of e-bike components that are perfectly matched. It offers intuitive support on the trail and yet gives the feeling of driving a normal mountain bike.

Shimano Antrieb

The engine of the E8000

Shimano Motor

The powerful Shimano Steps E8000 motor masters the steepest trails and provides just the right amount of support every time you step on the pedals

  • gives the feeling of riding a normal mountain bike
  • Weight only 2.8 kg - making it one of the lightest engines on the market
  • The uniform power assistance allows a better handling of the bike on the entire trail
  • reliable support up to 25 km / h

Technical data of the Shimano Steps E8000:

  • High efficiency with a maximum torque of 70 Nm (250 W)
  • Designed for shorter chainstays, the geometry and handling of a normal MTB is mirrored
  • Narrow Q-factor for efficient pedaling (Q factor of 177 mm)
  • Smooth and smooth support, regulated by cadence
  • Direct pedaling with and without engine assistance
  • Improved pedaling efficiency with Dynamic Chain Engagement (revised ergonomics, improved tooth profile)
  • More freedom of movement for the tires and sufficient space for suspension joints
  • Cables and mounting screws are hidden by the cover of the drive unit - this gives a tidy look

The drive of the E8000 step

Shimano Kurbelgarnitur

The Drive of the E8000 has a lightweight, stiff, direct-power crankset that provides reliability and safety from the first to the last pedal revolution

  • All drive components are tuned to provide unprecedented efficiency and reliability
  • Shimano HOLLOWTECH II bottom bracket for more power and direct power transmission
  • DEORE XT crankset for E-MTB cranksets 165 mm in length minimizes pedaling and provides consistent engine support and cadence

Technical data of the drive Steps E8000

  • two crank visions: hollow and solid
  • the E-MTB chainring uses the same profile as DEORE XT
  • Chainring with 34 and 38 teeth and 50 mm and 53 mm chain line
  • Cassette is compatible with 10- and 11-speed mountain bikes
  • Shimano HOLLOWTECH II bottom bracket

Specifications of the crankset Deore XT E-MTB

  • Particularly resistant sprocket teeth
  • direct power transmission
  • constant switching performance with improved chain management
  • extremely favorable ratio between strength and weight
  • 165 mm increases ground clearance in demanding terrain and is also ideal for smaller riders

The Firebolt switch of the E8000

Shimano Firebolt Schalter

The Firebolt switch has an ergonomic design for MTBs for intuitive operation, providing the ultimate in comfort and reliability when toggling between the different modes on the trail.

  • Ergonomic design for the special demands of mountain biking on narrow singletrack and on uneven terrain
  • Smooth and precise switching between different power assist modes, regardless of weather or terrain conditions
  • super fast shifting while driving between boost, trail, eco and walk settings
  • Shifters give the same shift feel as XT Di2 with the same design

Specifications of the Firebolt switch of the E8000

  • Four support levels are available: Boost, Trail, Eco and Walk
  • Support level BOOST: full support for maximum boost - 3 support levels: high, med, low
  • TRAIL support level: Intuitive supple graded support that automatically adapts to the pedal pressure, even on the most demanding singletrack - 3 levels of support: high, med, low
  • Support level ECO: reliable support for long trips
  • Support level WALK: supports pushing the bike

The LCD Display of the Step E8000

Shimano Steps Display

The easy to read LCD display is compact and with dynamic views when switching between support settings

  • Choice of 3 different support modes depending on terrain and driving style: Dynamic mode, Explorer mode and Custom mode
  • Specially designed for mountain biking, hard-wearing and compact
  • Each support level has its own color, so easy to read
  • Display of gear number, power assistance mode and battery range information
  • Settings can be adjusted wirelessly with Bluetooth via the Shimano E-Tube app

Technical data of the LCD display Step E8000

  • Three modes to choose from - the support settings can be combined with the following modes: Dynamic, Explore, Custom
  • ECO and WALK are available for all three settings
  • DYNAMIC mode: Default setting where boost is high and trail is low
  • EXPLORER mode: Boost and Trail are set to "medium"
  • CUSTOM Mode: Support level freely selectable for boost and trail according to personal riding style and terrain

Integrated rechargeable battery of the Step E8000

Focus Shimano Akku

Ultra-durable, high-performance battery, which has been specially developed for high demands in mountain biking

  • Specially designed for MTBs integrated design
  • Durable integrated Li-Ion battery with 378 Wh, optional rechargeable battery for plugging in with 378 Wh for extreme width
  • Range up to 60 km with one battery charge and up to 900 vertical meters
  • 1000 charge cycles without major power loss

Technical data of the battery Step E8000

  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Fast charging: 80% charge is possible in two and a half hours, 100% full charge in about 5 hours
  • LCD display shows battery capacity information based on gear and assistance level
  • Battery charge level visible on the display

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