Fazua - the new innovative drive for (almost) all bikes

FAZUA is a small but fine start-up company based in Munich that has developed out of a student project. The task was to develop the lightest and most inconspicuously integrated battery that supports the biker. Since 2017, the drive is mass-produced and some well-known bicycle manufacturers such. Focus in the new RAVEN² already block it. At e-bikes4you.com you can currently find the two models of Focus RAVEN², which are equipped with the innovative and already award-winning FAZUA drive.

The peculiarity of the Fazua drive

The design and function of the FAZUA drive is easy to explain and divided into four components:

  • Transmission in bottom bracket
  • Motor with polygon
  • battery
  • operating unit


The drive delivers up to 400 watts of peak power (with a nominal output of 250 watts) and a maximum torque of 60 Nm when driving. The engine power is controlled by two torque sensors in the bottom bracket, whereby the driver's acting force is measured. The more power the driver transmits to the crank, the more support the FAZUA drive delivers. The drive achieves optimum performance at 70 to 75 rpm. The gears of the gearbox are, as with most plastic manufacturers, making the gearbox very light and quiet.

The Drivepack is connected to the small and light drive via an interface. Thus, the Fazua Drivepack is mechanically and electronically connected to the bottom bracket gear, rattle-free, cable-free and can be installed and removed with one hand.

FAZUA Akku Getriebestrang

Engine, battery and gear train together weigh 3.2 kg and can be easily removed if necessary and replaced with a special Fazua cover. So the bike can be driven like a normal bike without a drive. The extra weight of the transmission is barely noticeable when driving.


The battery has a capacity of 250 Wh, a full charge takes about 3 hours. A FAZUA replacement battery weighs about 1.35 kg, so it can be carried well in a backpack. The battery can be easily removed from the bike for charging, but it is also possible to load the bike. For this purpose, the drive unit is only folded slightly downwards.


Even the fire safety was tested by the engineers: In a fire safety test, the engineers ignited a battery in a cellar part. The battery burned down on the bike completely, but caused by the good encapsulation no damage in the basement compartment and environment.

Decoupling of the drive from 25 km / h

Another innovation in the MTB sector is provided by FAZUA's integrated drive: If the bike is driven at the 25 km / h limit, the drive unit decouples and the driver does not feel any braking or even deceleration as with other E-MTBs. If the drive unit is switched off or completely removed, the bike drives like a bike without a drive. This is exactly what the developing engineers wanted to achieve - a normal bike feeling should come into play when driving, and they have certainly succeeded in doing so.

FAZUA EVATION control unit

The control unit is easy and intuitive to handle, so the driver always has maximum control.

FAZUA Bedieneinheit

support level support power
no support
Breeze Mode Feel the Evation tailwind with maximum battery life up to 125 Watt
River Mode If the mountain gets steeper up to 250 Watt
Rocket Mode Gas tap up and down it goes !! up to 400 Watt

Bluetooth Logo

Connect your smartphone to the drive via Bluetooth - new additional functions are constantly being developed!

Do you still have questions about the innovative drive from FAZUA? Then just contact us by phone at +49 8033 978 9020 or e-mail at info@e-bikes4you.com