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Bosch E-Bike Systems overview

In 2010, Bosch first presented its new e-bike drive units at the Eurobike, Friedrichshafen and has been market leader ever since.

Bosch has been pushing development across the whole industry and never stops innovating. There are however a few features that are consistant across its products:


All drive units consist of the same elements

All drive units are made up of a motor, battery, remote and charger. The remote can either be a display, a couple of buttons, your smartphone or a combination.


Ein komplettes Bosch Antriebssystem.

All Bosch drives are located at the bottom bracket

This ensures that the additonal weight of the motor is located centrally and offers the most natural ride.


Der Bosch Performance Line CX Mittelmotor.

All batteries are lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries offer the highest energy density of all batteries and are therefore the most powerful per gram of carried weight.


Der Performance Line Rahmenakku von Bosch.

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