BionX drives - turn your favorite bike into an e-bike!

BionX is a well-known Canadian manufacturer of retrofit systems and drive sets for mountain bikes, trekking bikes, racing bikes, cargo bikes, hand bikes and many more. Almost every bike can be converted into an e-bike. Only bikes with thru-axle can not yet be equipped with a BionX drive, but BionX is working to make this possible.

The BionX drive set works absolutely intuitive. Proportional to the driver's input, the system provides additional power. If you pedal more, you will also get proportionally more support, and you will get easier again, and you will receive less support. If you stop kicking, the system does not support anymore. The support level of the BionX drive can be selected on the RC3 controller or on the display. At four possible levels you can choose between 25% and 250% support. This means that you get 25 watts from the system with an own power of 100 watts. So you drive easier and faster. Enjoy the pleasant, silent support of your BionX drive.

Motor technology:

BionX engines offer that extra bit of power. Powerful, proportional electrical support in all situations - whether during sports, to drive to work or with your cargo bike on the way to kindergarten and then shopping.

Recuperation is a figurehead of BionX, which means recovery of braking energy when the brake is applied and returned to the battery. Recuperation increases the range and spares the brakes.

All BionX engines are compatible with SRAM and Shimano 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11-speed cassettes.

The advantages of BionX drives at a glance:

  • Continue the same number of courses
  • Maintaining the proven pedal force sensors on the rear wheel axle
  • As usual gentle and natural driving feeling
  • Broader selection of drive components

BionX D-Series 250W / 500W

BionX D-Serie

Slim. Sleek. Powerful. This is the new slogan of BionX

BionX has completely reinvented the rear-wheel drive. The engineers at BionX have looked outside the box and created a great solution to create a powerful rear-wheel drive. Overheating problems are therefore a thing of the past. The new D-series is noise and vibration-free and powerful and sporty with the intelligent pedal force sensor. BionX now also offers a 500 W variant that supports up to 45 km / h.

Data D series from BionX:

  • Achievement: nom. 250W / 500W
  • Torque nom / max: 25Nm / 50Nm
  • Weight: approx. 5.6 kg
  • Brushless, gearless, maintenance free
  • Support up to 25 km / h (250W) or 45 km / h (500W)

These advantages are offered by the D-series:

  • Generator mode for recuperation (energy recovery)
  • Integrated torque sensor
  • Cartridge body: compatible with 7- / 8- / 9- / 10- / 11-speed cassettes from Shimano and SRAM
  • absolutely noiseless and a natural driving experience
  • depending on the country of operation, insurance or approval is required for the 500W variant for use in road traffic. Please inform yourself!
ITS-Technology: Increased Tangential Speed
By increasing the diameter of the motor, the magnetic components are located farther out and consequently move at a higher tangential velocity. ITS represents a significant contribution to the 250% higher continuous performance.
MCR-Technology: Magnetic Component Reduction
Increasing the motor diameter requires less electrical power to produce torque. This allows BionX to build a lighter engine. MCR is a significant contribution to the 250% higher continuous performance.
STC-Technology: Spoke To Center
Longer spokes allow a more dynamic impeller with more vertical flex. This provides more comfort, more grip and more traction on the trail.
NSC-Technology: Non Structural Cover
A design that is not subject to dynamic driving allows the use of extra-light motor housings with an exceptionally narrow profile.
PSG-Technology: Proven Strain Gauge
The proven pedal force sensor system is the core of the BionX drive system and ensures the usual gentle and natural driving experience.

BionX P-Series 250W

The proven BionX rear wheel motor - now with cassette holder!

Data of the BionX P series:

  • Achievement: nom. 250W (EU)
  • Torque nom / max: 9Nm / 40Nm
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Support up to 25 km / h

These advantages are offered by the P series:

  • Brushless, gearless, maintenance free
  • Generator mode for recuperation (energy recovery)
  • Integrated torque sensor
  • Cartridge body: Compatible with 7, 8, 9, 10, 11-speed cassettes from Shimano and SRAM

Battery variants:

BionX offers a variety of battery types for a wide variety of bicycles. Offered has always been the sporty variant of the Unterrohrakkus. The advantage is a low center of gravity and capacities up to 555 Wh are possible. Furthermore, there is the practical battery on the luggage rack, which can be pushed onto the original BionX battery rail and blocked, here there are capacities up to 423 Wh. The batteries of BionX are lithium-ion batteries without memory effect, that sät that the battery is not must be completely empty to be recharged again. With the 555 Wh battery ranges of up to 135 km are possible, with the recuperation mode even up to 15% more.

With the compact BionX charger, the batteries can be charged within a few hours. All BionX batteries are locked to the wheel and can be removed for loading or loaded directly on the bike.

BionX Deep Sleep Technology

The BionX batteries have a "Deep Sleep" function to save energy during prolonged storage without use. Depending on the state of charge and the inactivity of the battery, this automatically switches to the so-called "Deep Sleep", a deep sleep mode. In the "Deep Sleep" mode no energy is consumed in idle state. Thus, the batteries of BionX can be stored for up to 18 months.

The benefits of deep sleep mode:

  • Energy saving
  • Longer lifetime
  • Significant comfort gain
BionX Akku 555 Wh
BionX Akku 423 Wh GP

RC3 Controller, DS3 Display & Bluetooth Modul with BionX App

With the simple and intuitive RC3 controller or the DS3 Dsiplay you set the system according to your individual requirements. In addition to the usual bike computer functionalities, the display informs you of your speed, the remaining battery power and the selected support or recuperation level. With the LCD display you are always well informed, no matter if by day or night, sun or rain. With the Bluetooth module via the BionX app, the bike can be connected to the smartphone, so all information can be accessed via the smartphone.

RC3 Controller

The new BionX RC3 controller impresses with its reduction to the essentials. With its compact, intuitive design and multifunctional controls, the BionX RC3 Controller offers a whole new way of operating. Thanks to the LED display, it can be used either as a stand-alone remote control or with the equally new BionX DS3 display in combination. The Bluetooth module also allows you to use your own smartphone as a display with many additional functions.

DS3 Display

The new BionX DS3 display combines elegant design with state-of-the-art functionality. The completely redesigned color display shows exactly the information that is needed thanks to various screen views. Operation is via the new BionX RC3 controller, so that your hands can always stay on the handlebars.

Advantages of the DS3 display:

  • Transflective color display
  • Quarter-turn fastening mechanism
  • Rubber grip on the sides for safe handling
  • Various mounting options
  • Multilingual menu

Bluetooth Modul & BionX App

Bluetooth Modul

With the innovative Bluetooth module, the DS3 display can be replaced by your own smartphone. With the BionX App so all data are readable, which are needed while driving, such as. Support level, battery charge status and speed, in addition there is a navigation tool in which routes can be navigated and programmed. Again and again come new functionalities.

Advantages of the Bluetooth module:

  • Control with the RC3 controller
  • Navigation system, also available offline
  • intelligent route planning
  • activity log
  • advanced features such as: speed, average speed, duration and distance, temperature, incline and altimeter, engine power, remaining battery life and more.

Do you still have questions about the BionX drive? Please contact us by phone on +49 8033 978 9020 or by email at

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