Supernova Airstream 2 black headlight 2019

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Bright, brighter, Airstream 2 black headlight for all kind of bicycles

Firstly, three things a bicycle headlight should do:

Safety by outstanding, glare-free and ultra-bright light

Waterproof for use in any weather

Strong resilience, so you do not suddenly stand in the dark.

Well, the Supernova Airstream can do all this. Its salt water resistant aluminum housing makes him almost indestructible and ensures a worry-free daily life for many years. The Airstream is one of the brightest StVZO approved LED bicycle lights in the world. It is not only waterproof, but also withstand the harshest stresses in everyday life. The 4th brightness setting with 14 hours of lighting duration will last all night.

Stay cool

The Supernova Airstream not only makes you look cool, but also cools itself. Unlike most other suppliers, Supernova uses aluminum instead of plastic for its housings and achieves better cooling, thanks to its better conductivity.

Modern high-power LEDs can get hot, really hot. This is why Supernova has made cooling a priority at Airstream 2. 20 cooling fins arranged in the direction of the flow. It enlarges the surface by almost three times and ensures maximum cooling of the LED even at full power. This ensures the best possible heat dissipation, which results in maximum light fluxes. In addition, the brightness of the LEDs is maintained over the entire lifetime. Only a minimal air flow is sufficient.

Your Airstream is sensitive and clever

If however a critical temperature is reached, then this is detected immediately thanks to a temperature sensor. In this case, the LED is automatically down-regulated in fine steps until the temperature stabilizes again and the original brightness level can be restored. This makes the Airstream permanently a reliable companion.


Outstanding battery capacity


Equipped with the best lithium-ion batteries, the Airstream 2 offers an exceptionally long lighting time - information about the charging status of the luminaire is given by a green and a red LED, so you always have an eye on when you need to recharge the Airstream 2. The four selectable light levels also allow you to start the lamp in a battery-operated way, or to fully utilize its power - you decide!

Level 4: 14 h

Level 3: 7 h

Level 2: 3.5 h

Level 1: 2.5 h

The Airstream 2 is combined with the separately available Airstream Taillight 2 - the world's brightest battery-powered taillight!


How do I set up the Airstream so that it can work reliably without disturbing other panels or your smartphone? You have the choice! Whether you place the mounting on the handlebars (25,4 / 26 or 31,8mm thickness), on the stem or with the optional QR Mount on the fork, which allows quick-release, Airstream is taking into account the already mounted displays, tachos, brackets, smartphone case etc. Two robust UV-resistant clamping rings facilitate assembly and for smooth handlebars we have the grip tape.

You want to move in the night from the garage to the front door? No problem, just take the Airstream off and light your way home. With the practical helmet mounting, which is optionally available, you can also attach the Airstream onto the helmet. A socket for the rear light plug is provided when the front headlight is removed.


Color of light


Color of housing


Light duration (h)

2.5 - 14


205 Lumen (measured warm)

Special features

4 brightness settings

Weight (g)


L x B x H (mm)

105 x 41 x 41


6061 Aluminium

Battery type

Battery, can be exchanged dy bike dealer

Type of lens

Terraflux2 anti-glare

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