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  1. BOSCH Charger for E-Bike batteries of the Classic + Line
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    BOSCH PowerPack 400 Active Line Frame version
    Special Price €519.00 Regular Price €649.00
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    BOSCH PowerPack 400 Active Line Luggage carrier version 2017
    Special Price €529.00 Regular Price €769.00
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    BOSCH PowerPack 400 Classic Line Frame version black
    Special Price €469.00 Regular Price €539.00
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    BOSCH PowerPack 400 Classic Line Frame version white
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    BOSCH PowerPack 400 Classic Line Luggage Carrier Version
    Special Price €489.00 Regular Price €549.00
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    BOSCH PowerPack 400 Performance Line Frameversion 2017
    Special Price €519.00 Regular Price €669.00
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    BOSCH PowerPack 400 Performance Line Luggage carrier version
    Special Price €529.00 Regular Price €789.00
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    BOSCH PowerPack 500 Active Line Frame version 2017
    Special Price €599.00 Regular Price €839.99
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    BOSCH PowerPack 500 Active Line Luggage carrier version 2017
    Special Price €649.00 Regular Price €839.99
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    BOSCH PowerPack 500 PerformanceLine luggage rack version 2017
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    BOSCH PowerPack Akku 500 Performance Line Rahmenversion
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    Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh Akku integriert - horizontal
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    Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh Akku integriert - vertikal
    Special Price €625.00 Regular Price €699.00
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Bosch Powerpack batteries for more energy on your journey!

Bosch is known for its strong, efficient and durable batteries. The Powerpacks from Bosch are the most modern on the e-bike market and supply your Bosch drive with clean energy. The long durability and the beautiful and good design characterize the Bosch Powerpacks. The high-quality Bosch BMS (Battery Management System) protects the cells from overload, overvoltage or undervoltage and ensures even voltage distribution between the cells. The Bosch Powerpacks are available in different variants:

Downtube battery: Bosch Powerpacks are mounted on the down tube to allow the lowest possible center of gravity

Luggage carrier battery: For bicycles with low entry you will often find due to lack of space the battery on the luggage rack

PowerTube: The absolute novelty at Bosch is the Bosch Powertube. It is integrated in the frame and offers a good focus as well as a good look.

Dual Battery: The option to connect two rechargeable batteries: 1000 Wh for maximum range: either two Bosch Powerpack downtube batteries or a Bosch Powerpack downtube and a Bosch Powerpack luggage carrier battery can be combined. This is exactly how it works with the new Bosch PowerTube battery and a frame or luggage carrier battery.

The batteries are divided into different systems and battery positions:

Downtube battery

Luggage rack battery


Dual battery

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Mounted on the down tube or semi-integrated Mounting on the luggage carrier Absolute novelty - in the context of fully integrated Two batteries are connected together


Advantages of Bosch e-bike batteries:

  • Best battery efficiency: Lithium ion batteries have been proven to have the highest energy density, so lithium ion batteries are particularly suitable for Bosch e-bike batteries. A lifetime of about 6-8 years is expected (as of 01.01.2018).
  • Thanks to the perfectly matched BMS, Bosch batteries can be charged extremely quickly and have no memory effect. They also have an extremely low self-discharge and can thus be stored up to 18 months without problems
  • All Bosch bike batteries can be removed with ease
  • All ebike Bosch batteries can be charged on the bike or anywhere

All Bosch Powerpacks can also be easily purchased as a Bosch replacement battery. This works without an update, e-bikes with batteries of the same series can also be upgraded from 400Wh to 500Wh

Factors to keep in mind for all Bosch Powerpacks:

  • heavy duty reduces the life of the Bosch Powerpacks
  • Do not store your battery too cold or too warm. An average temperature of 0 ° and 20 ° is optimal
  • Store your Bosch battery with about 30-60% of the total charge state, this has a positive effect on the aging of the Bosch battery
  • In the summer, try to put your bike in the shade to avoid direct sunlight. The same is true in winter. Keep the battery warm to avoid temperatures below 0 ° C

Calculate the range of your battery with the Bosch Range Wizard. So you can determine which Bosch Powerpack meets your requirements:


How to properly maintain your Bosch Powerpack battery

The more conscientiously you treat your e-bike, the more durable all components and drive parts are. Especially before the cold season you should therefore know about the correct storage and handling. Here we have summarized for you a few tips and tricks for the correct handling of the powerful Bosch PowerPack batteries:

To charge the battery:

Charging should be done in a dry environment and at room temperature. Charging below 5 ° will damage the battery and the charger

To overwinter the battery:

Be sure to store your battery in a dry place at temperatures between 0 ° C and 20 ° C. When the battery is completely depleted, this will be the most stressful for the battery. Therefore, the ideal state of charge for longer storage times, e.g. over the winter, at about 30% to 60% or two to three light emitting diodes on the charge gauge.

How to clean and maintain your Bosch battery:

The direct water jet cleaning is taboo for the protection of the electronic components in particular. Therefore, before every cleaning remove the battery and occasionally clean the connector poles and lightly grease.

If you also use your e-bike in winter:

In winter operation (especially below 0 ° C), Bosch recommends that the battery charged and stored at room temperature be put into the e-bike shortly before it starts to drive. For longer trips, it is advisable to use a thermal protection cover. This protects the battery from dirt, damage and cold.

To store the battery:

Temperatures below -10 ° C and above 60 ° C should always be avoided when storing the battery. It is best to store the battery dry and at room temperature. When properly stored, the battery can be stored for up to 18 months without damaging it.

How to transport your e-bike battery:

To transport the e-bike on a vehicle or trailer, the battery should always be removed from the bike and transported safely in the car. You can close the charging sockets on the bike with the appropriate charging contact cover caps. This ensures that no water or dirt gets into the contacts when transporting the e-bike.

Inspection and service:

With a diagnostic device, the dealer can check the condition of the electric bike, in particular the battery, and inform about the number of charging cycles.

If you take these suggestions to heart, you will enjoy your e-bike and its battery for a long time! GmbH is the leading specialist when it comes to Bosch EBike replacement batteries / Bosch second battery / Bosch Powerpacks / Bosch bicycle battery.

Buy now at the best price Bosch Powerpack batteries for down tube or luggage rack or the brand new PowerTube 500.